Liberal Arts & Your Career

When you earn a liberal arts degree, you're preparing yourself for the careers of today and tomorrow.

Any liberal arts major will develop your analytical and interpretive skills, teach you to communicate effectively, and give you the tools to understand human nature and culture. In your time with CLA, you’re training your brain to adapt to new challenges throughout your life and career.

A recent survey asked Minneapolis and St. Paul employers what they look for when they hire new college graduates. There are three top skills that CLA graduates bring to the workplace:

  1. Superb interpersonal communication
  2. Highly effective teamwork
  3. The ability to learn new ideas quickly

All of these skills are hallmarks of a liberal arts education. They are the skills that help employees (the future you) to be flexible and adaptable.

Everyone wants to know: Do CLA graduates get good jobs?

The answer, quite frankly, is yes. There seems to be a consensus among alumni—regardless of majorthat there is a clear connection between skills acquired from their experience in CLA and the skills they need afterwards: creative and critical thinking, communication, adaptability, teamwork, and preparation for a lifetime of continuous learning. The jobs held by CLA graduates are as diverse as the students themselves.