Engaging Diversity

Engaging Diversity is among the ten Core Competencies you develop in CLA that employers and alumni tell us matter most.

Now more than ever, we need a world that celebrates differences and collaboratively shares ideas. Embrace different viewpoints, and you’ll not only create a stronger social fabric—you’ll help build companies that succeed.


Engaging Diversity cultivates awareness of one’s own identity and cultural background and that of others through an exploration of domains of diversity, which may include: race, ethnicity, country of origin, sexual orientation, ability, class, gender, age, spirituality, etc. This requires an understanding of historical and social contexts and a willingness to confront perspectives of dominant cultural narratives and ideologies, locally, nationally, or globally.

Those competent in Engaging Diversity:

  • Understand how culture affects perceptions, attitudes, values, and behaviors
  • Recognize how social structures and systems create and perpetuate inequities, resulting in social and economic marginalization and limited opportunities
  • Commit to the fundamental principles of freedom of thought and expression, equality, respect for others, diversity, and social justice; and to participate in society as conscious global citizens
  • Are able to navigate an increasingly complex and diverse world by appreciating and adopting multiple cultural perspectives or worldviews

CLA Alumni Explain Engaging Diversity