Ethical Reasoning and Decision Making

Ethical Reasoning & Decision Making is among the ten Core Competencies you develop in CLA that employers and alumni tell us matter most.

Armed with a map to negotiate everyday conundrums and difficult moments, you’ll enable people and organizations to act ethically—and encourage new growth.


Ethical Reasoning & Decision Making recognizes ethical issues arising in a variety of settings or social contexts, reflects on the ethical concerns that pertain to the issue, and chooses a course of action based on these reflections.

Those competent in Ethical Reasoning & Decision Making:

  • Assess one's own personal and moral values and perspectives as well as those of other stakeholders
  • Integrate these values and perspectives into an ethical framework for decision making
  • Consider intentions and the short-and long-term consequences of actions and the ethical principles that apply in the situation before making decisions

CLA Alumni Explain Ethical Reasoning & Decision Making