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Graduate Students

Name Contact Specialty
Kwame Adovor GIS, environment, development geography, Africa
Ateeb Ahmed Relationship between the date, law and the dispossessed functions; vicissitudes of capitalism in southern countries
Maryia Bakhtsiyarava Environment and society, human-environment geography
Lalit Batra Politics of space and urbanization, social justice, India
Emma Bialecki Paleoclimatology, forest community dynamics, dendrochronology
Kai Bosworth Nature-society, American west, great plains
Jay Bowman Waste management, informal markets and goverment interaction, the Middle East
Megan Buchanan Forest community dynamics, biogeography, dendroecology, natural resources management
Damien Carriere  
Chelsea Cervantes de Blois Remote sensing, GIS, sustainable and environmental development
Laura Cesafsky Urban environment, technology, eco-politics, Latin America, social theory, car-free cities
Anindita Chatterjee Remote sensing, GIS, sustainable and environmental development
Jacob Coburn Physical Geography, Climatology, Global Change, Wind Climatology, Human-Environment Interaction
Julia Corwin Environmental justice
Spencer Cox Agroecology, coffee industry, global economic markets, Central America
Jacqueline Daigneault Critical development studies, political economy, corruption, gender and development, social theory, West Africa
Emma De Vries  
Joshua Eichen  
Ding Fei Urban, economic
Jessica Finlay Aging and place, health and wellbeing, geographical gerontology, critical health and urban geography
Joseph Getzoff Nature-society, nationalism and colonialism, Victorian literature and culture, Israel and Palestine
Eric Goldfischer Geographies of home, homelessness, urban political economy, political ecology, feminist geography, politics of representation
Mitch Grace Space and gender, the social production of space, political and cultural geographies, globalization
Asli Ikizoglu Migration, development, cultural identity
John Kendall Marxism and community, Kurdistan, political geography
Melinda Kernik Water rights, governance, and scarcity; critical GISl; environmental justice
Brittany Krzyzanowski GIS, spatial epidemiology, public health, disease demographics
Udya Kunwar Thapa Dendrochronology, climate change, biogeography
Alicia Lazzarini Gender and feminist theory, globalization, international development, export-oriented production, trade
Aaron Mallory Black geographies, queer theory, feminist geography, critical masculinity
Liam Martin Fire Ecology, Dendrochronology
Laura Matson  
Gwen McCrea Urban agriculture, alternative economies, intersectionality, social justice, critical theory
Benjamin McDaniel Public and private land trusts, land administration, urban real estate, political economy, U.S. public policy
Keavy McFadden  
Harlan Morehouse  
Sara Nelson Climate-related financial products and emissions trading; resilience and adaptation; post-Fordism; philosophy and critical theory
Bryan Runck Agroecosystems, rural landscapes, land use change
Julie Santella Resource politics, development, identity, subjectivity, East Africa
Lisa Santosa  
Elizabeth Schneider Fire ecology, paleoclimatology, dendrochronology
Meagan Snow Political geography, militarism, critical GIS
Ashwini Srinivasamohan Ecology of waste in urban India, political economy
Sophia Strosberg Parasite therapy, politics/economy of more-than-human, philosophy of evolutionary medicine
Kevin Van Meter Political and economic geography, anarchism, autonomist Marxism, co-reserach methods, militancy and repression in contemporary social movements, George Orwell
Hillary Waters Water control/access in southern cities, urban politics and practice, postcolonial, nature/society, network, and political economic theories
Shannon Werbeach
Environmental Policy and Sustainable Development, Natural Resource Management, Conservation of National Park Ecosystems, and Political Ecology
Joseph Witek Urban political economy, development, Africa
Robin Wright Politics of urban development policies, narratives of place, immigration, political economy