Graduate Students


Name Specialty
Oforiwaa Pee Agyei-Boakye Sustainability, Climate Change, Transportation
Mohsen Ahmadkhani GIS, Spatiotemporal dynamics and analysis, health geography, spatial epidemiology, spatial modeling, and visualization, movement analysis
Ateeb Ahmed Relationship between the date, law and the dispossessed functions; vicissitudes of capitalism in southern countries
Harsha Anantharaman Politics of space, labor, value, and caste/class politics in financializing urban waste scraps, historical-geographies of the urban poor, India
Isaac Asante-Wusu Development, Water security, capitalism, environmental sustainability, sub-Saharan Africa
Judith Avila Dendrochronology, Hydrology, Climatology
Lencho Bati  
Lalit Batra  
Emma Bialecki Paleoclimatology, forest community dynamics, dendrochronology
Jay Bowman Waste management, informal markets and government interaction, the Middle East
Dan Brumm Fire Ecology and History, Dendrochronology, Natural Resource Management, and Dynamics, Human-Environment Interactions.
Ruth Burrows Human/environment interactions, spatial demography, food security, climate change, population studies
Elizabeth Calhoun
Feminist geographies, science and technology studies, critical race theory, urban geographies, posthumanism, cybernetics
Anindita Chatterjee Remote sensing, GIS, sustainable and environmental development
Grace Cooper Human/Environment Interactions, Food Security, GIS, and Remote Sensing
Spencer Cox Agroecology, coffee industry, global economic markets, Central America
Daniel Crawford Paleoclimatology, environmental systems, dendrochronology, wood anatomy, science communication
Merle Davis Matthews Relationships between finance capitalism and settler colonialism, mineral extraction, Canada
Emma De Vries Religion, climate politics, environmental justice, race and rationalization, feminist geography, political ecology
Joshua Eichen  
Ali Hossaini  
Jasper Johnson GIS, machine learning for remote sensing, attention mapping
Anya Kaplan-Seem Geographies of observation, multispecies tracking, nature-society, feminist methodology
John Kendall Information capitalism, oil ecologies, and the metabolic rift
Brittany Krzyzanowski GIS, spatial epidemiology, public health, disease demographics
Eesha Kunduri Labor geographies, urban geography, migration, comparative urbanism, India
Keavy McFadden Urban geography; social movements; geographies of education; care economies; infrastructure; urban development.
Mara McPartland My research uses tree-ring analysis to understand the impacts of climate change and drought on the growth of northern hemisphere forests.
Evan Montpellier Dendroclimatology, Climate Reconstructions, Synoptic Climatology, Mountain Geography, and Physical Geography. 
Paul Moss Human/environment interactions, vegetal geography, cultural and political ecology, adaptation to the Anthropocene
Sophie Pitney  
Julie Santella
Native and Indigenous studies, political ecology, environmental justice, feminist methodologies
Lisa Santosa  
Gabe Schwartzman Political economy, political ecology, the politics of economic development in post-coal Appalachia 
Jaan Sharma Pathak  
Jared Stachiw Dendrochronology; Fire History; Forest Dynamics; Natural Resources Management. 
Taiza Troutman  
Matthew Trumper Paleoclimatology, biogeochemistry, dendrochronology, statistics
Dayne Walling Urban redevelopment, politics of scale, planning and engagement practices, public policy analysis, Midwestern cities
Ned Wilbur Critical geographies of human origins, migrations, and relatedness; the politics of genetics and ancient DNA; science and technology studies; Indigenous studies; settler colonialism; critical race and feminist theories 
Robin Wright Politics of urban development policies, narratives of place, immigration, political economy
Xiaohuan Zeng  
Yaxuan Zhang Geographic information science, Spatio-temporal analysis & statistics, health