Graduate Dissertations


Tankut Atuk
Pathologies of Care: HIV Treatment and Prevention in Turkey
Advisors: Susan Craddock

Nina Medvedeva
Home in the Sharing Economy: An Ethnography in Washington D.C., San Francisco, and Boston
Advisor: Aren Aizura


Sayan Bhattacharya
Lifemaking alongside Death: Violence, Care and the Everyday in Trans Communities in India
Advisors: Jigna Desai and Aren Aizura

José Manuel Santillana Blanco
Racial Motherhood Ecologies: Towards a Mapping of Social Life, Violence & Resistance in the Southwest Borderlands
Advisors: Edén Torres and Zenzele Isoke

AK Wright
The Body is Where Freedom Begins: Black Feminist Embodiments of Carcel Abolition
Advisors: Terrion Williamson and Zenzele Isoke


Nithya Rajan
Refugee Refusals: Afghan Women's Experiences of Labor and (Be)longing in India
Advisors: Richa Nagar and Sima Shakhsari

Nick-Brie Guarriello
A Heart So True?: Fame, Relationality, & Personalized Media Production in Pokémon GO
Advisors: Aren Aizura and Laurie Ouellette

Naimah Petigny
The Hold is also an Embrace: Readings in Contemporary Black Feminist Performance
Advisors: Richa Nagar and Zenzele Isoke


Beaudelaine Pierre
Decoloniality and The Politics of Living Haiti: Writing Haiti With Haitian Women
Advisors: Richa Nagar and Zenzele Isoke

Caitlin Gunn
Black Cyborgs: Blackness Narratives in Technology, Speculative Fiction
Advisors: Annie Hill and Jigna Desai


Angela M. Carter
Disabling Trauma: Toward a Crip Critique of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Advisors: Jigna Desai and Jennifer Pierce

Simi Kang
Restoration Imaginaries & Shrimping Futures: Vietnamese/American Fisherfolk Respond to State-Mandated Resilience in Southeast Louisiana
Advisors: Jigna Desai and Karen Ho

Lars Z. Mackenzie
Digitizing Difference: Fraudulence, Gender Non-Conformity, and Data
Advisors: Aren Aizura and Jigna Desai

Joanna Núñez
¡Mi Mamá me Enseño!: Teaching and Learning Mexicana and Chicana Feminisms in the Home
Advisor: Edén Torres

Sam Poindexter
Blueberries and Bruselas: Stories of Race, Gender, and Industrialized Agriculture in Baja California
Advisors: Susan Craddock and Richa Nagar

Jayne Swift
Lusty Ladies: Sex Work and Sex-Positive Politics, 1970-2013
Advisor: Regina Kunzel (Princeton University)
Lusty Lady Oral History Project


Tia-Simone Gardner
Sensing Place: House, Scale, and Humanly Workable Geographies in the Upper Midwest
Advisors: Jigna Desai and Catherine Squires


Shana Ye
The Love That Does Not Speak its Name: Affect and Transnational Knowledge Production of “Queer China”
Advisor: Jigna Desai and Richa Nagar


Katie Bashore
Fail Epics: Race, Gender, and The Narrative Production of Institutional Failure
Advisor: Jigna Desai

Reina Rodriguez
Chicanas/os in Contested Spaces: Communal Forms of Resistance and the Creation of Underground Calmecacs
Advisor: Edén Torres


Brittany Lewis
Manufacturing Urban America: Political Engaged Urban Black Women, Renewed Forms of Political Censorship, and Uneven Landscapes of Power in North Minnepolis, Minnesota
Advisors: Catherine Squires and Edén Torres

Elakshi Kumar
Apprehending Female Masculinity: Globalization and Gender Nonconformity in India
Advisor: Jigna Desai


Michelle Garvey
Restoration's Return in the Age of Climate Change: Toward a Feminist Environmental Justice Response
Advisor: Jacquelyn Zita


Charlotte Karem Albrecht
Peddling Arab American Histories: Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Early Syrian American Communities
Advisor: Jigna Desai and Erika Lee

Diane Detournay
The Encounter Between Feminism and Liberalism: An Itinerary of 'Woman'
Advisors: Jigna Desai and Richa Nagar

Aniruddha Dutta
Globalizing through the Vernacular: Gender/sexual Transnationalism and the Making of Sexual Minorities in Eastern India
Advisors: Jigna Desai and Richa Nagar

Xiumei Pu
Imagining the Decolonial Spirit: Ecowomanist Literature and Criticism in the Chinese Diaspora
Advisor: Edén Torres


Patricia Connolly
Staging Cross-Border (Reading) Alliances: Feminist Testimonials at Work
Advisors: Amy Kaminsky and Richa Nagar

Jessica Giusti
Burlesque Female Behemoths: Transgressions of Fat, Femme Burlesque
Advisors: Ananya Chatterjea and Jacquelyn Zita

Yeonbo Jeong
Science, Nation, and Women's Bodies: Economies of Reproductive Tissues and Stem Cell Research in South Korea
Advisors: Susan Craddock and Jacquelyn Zita


Papori Bora
The Nation and its Margins: Reading Gender and the Politics of Sovereignty in India's Northeast
Advisors: Jigna Desai and Richa Nagar


Kandace Creel Falcón
"This is Our Home!": Chicana Oral Histories: (Story) Telling Life, Love and Identity in the Midwest
Advisors: Edén Torres and Lisa Albrecht

Helen Crump
Bodied Knowledges (Where Our Blood Is Born): Maternal Narratives and Articulations of Black Women's Diaspora Identity
Advisors: Amy Kaminsky and Gwen Pough

Eileen Müller-Myrdahl
Orientalist Knowledges at the European Periphery: Norwegian Racial Projects, 1970-2005
Advisors: Jigna Desai

Ayana Weekley
Now That's a Good Girl: The Politics of Respectability in African American HIV/AIDS Discourses
Advisors: Jigna Desai and Gwen Pough


Rachel Raimist
Grinding the Walls to Dust: Feminist Media Praxis
Advisor: Edén Torres


Margalit Chu
Resistance, Dependancy, and Resilience: The Everyday Politics and Geographies of NGO Development in Marginalized Gitano Communities
Advisor: Richa Nagar


Danielle Bouchard
The Feminist Order of Things: Interdiscipilnarity, Globalization, and Postcoloniality in Contemporary Feminist Theory
Advisor: Jigna Desai

Amy Brandzel
Queering the Subject(s) of U.S. Citizenship: Beyond the Normative Citizen in Law and Culture
Advisors: Jigna Desai, Richa Nagar, and Barbara Welke

Dawn Rae Davis
De-colonizing Love: Feminist Subjects and the Ability of Not Knowing
Advisor: Naomi Scheman


Sam Bullington
From the "Rainbow Nation" to the "New Apartheid": Sexual Orientation and HIV/AIDS in Contemporary South African Nation Building
Advisor: Susan Craddock

Sara Hottinger
Making Mathematical Knowledge: A Cultural Study of Late-Eighteenth Century British Mathematics
Advisors: Jacquelyn Zita and Helen Longino

Linda Wayne
Sexes, Genders, and Sexualities: From Second to Third Wave Feminism
Advisors: Ellen-Messer Davidow


Amanda Swarr
Exploring the Boundaries of Gender and Sex: Transgendered Expressions in Contemporary South Africa
Advisors: Amy Kaminsky and Richa Nagar


Sidney Matrix
Inventing Cyberculture and Cybersubjectivity: A Critical Study of Cyberfictional Media
Advisors: John Mowitt and Naomi Scheman