Funding for Feminist Studies PhD Students

All students admitted to the PhD program are promised five years of full funding through a combination of competitive fellowships, teaching assistantships, and/or research assistantships. This combination of funding includes full tuition, a 9-month stipend, and health insurance. In addition, the department provides each student with access to a lump sum of $10,500 for research and travel, plus payment of their first year of student fees. Students are responsible for their own student fees after their first year and well as health insurance deductibles and copays.

First-Year Fellowships

With a departmental nomination, incoming students may apply for these fellowships:

If you are an entering student interested in being a departmental nominee for one of these fellowships, please contact the Director of Graduate Studies Diyah Larasati at for more information.

Funding Opportunities

There are numerous other internal and external fellowship opportunities for students beyond the first year, depending on the student’s area of study and progress in the program. Some of these include:

There are some opportunities for summer and online teaching, as well as a limited number of summer research fellowships available every year.


To be in good standing, candidates must maintain a 3.5 GPA and make timely progress on their exams and dissertation writing. The department follows the University’s policies and standards for performance and progress in a doctoral program. More information can be found in the University’s policy library.