Feminist Studies Graduate Students

The graduate student office is located at:

466 Ford Hall

Please Note: The Feminist Studies PhD Program has decided to suspend admissions for Fall 2021.  We will not be accepting applications this year.  This decision reflects our deep commitment to supporting those students already enrolled at the University of Minnesota, and our desire to ensure that they have the resources they need to be safe, healthy, and where possible, productive. We look forward to reading applications again next year for the Fall 2022 cycle. Please get in contact with us then.
Atuk, Tankut
Bhattacharya, Sayan
Chocontá Piraquive, Alexandra
Guarriello, Nicholas-Brie
Ji, SeungGyeong (Jade)
Khalfani, Samhar
Konitshek, Hale
Medvedeva, Nina
Ordoñez, Magaly
Ornelas, E
Petigny, Naimah
Pierre, Beaudelaine
Poindexter, Sam
Rajan, Nithya
Santillana, José Manuel
Seweid-DeAngelis, Sara
Shumpert, Moriah
Turner, Ilana 
Wonsley Worlobah, Robin
wood, eunha jeong 
Wright, AK
Yildirim, Ali