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Administrative Staff

Name Email Office Phone
Miranda Joseph
Department Chair 411 Ford Hall 612-625-5047
Zenzele Isoke
Director of Graduate Studies 437 Ford Hall 612-626-8954
Diane Willow
Director of Undergraduate Studies 415 Ford Hall 612-626-7443
Kari Pederson
Associate Administrator 419 Ford Hall 612-626-0332
Ashley Beltrame
Exec. Office & Admin. Specialist
Graduate Program Coordinator 425 Ford Hall 612-625-3614

Support Staff

Name Email Office Phone
Judith Katz
Academic Adviser
404 Ford Hall 612-624-6809
Carrie Vorpahl
Accountant 646 Social Sciences Building 612-625-0158
Reed Munson
LATIS Department Consultant 130 Anderson Hall 612-626-7014