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Recent Dissertations


Bradley, Cameron
“Between Brothers: Brotherhood and Masculinity in the Later Middle Ages.”
Advisor: Ruth Mazo Karras

Bruce, Emily
“Reading Agency: The Making of Modern German Childhoods in the Age of Revolutions.”
Advisor: M.J. Maynes

Morton, David
"Age of Concrete: Housing and the Imagination in Mozambique's Capital, c. 1950 to Recent Times."
Advisors: Allen Isaacman and Helena Pohlandt-McCormick

Phillips, Katrina
"We All Have a Part to Play": Salvage Tourism in American Indian Historical Pagentry."
Advisor: Jean O'Brien

Wisnoski, Alexander
"Contesting Husbands and Masters: Law, Society, and the Marital Household in Colonial Lima."
Advisor: Sarah Chambers


Biel, Justin Blake
"Divide and Tolerate: Imperial Secularisms in Ireland, India, and Britain, 1774-1815."
Advisor: Anna Clark

Holdren, Nathaniel David
'The Compensation Law Put Us Out of Work': Workplace Injury Law, Commodification, and Discrimination in the Early 20th Century United States."
Advisors: Barbara Welke and Tracey Deutsch

Johnson, Ryan
"War is the Health of the State: War, Empire, and Anarchy in the Languages of American National Security."
Advisors: Kevin Murphy and Barbara Welke

Lelis, Arnold A.
"We Are not the Periphery: Barbarian Economies and Northern Europe in Exchange Patterns of Western Eurasia, 1800 BC – AD 900."
Advisor: Bernard Bachrach

Madden, Mollie
"The Black Prince at War: The Anatomy of a Chevauchee."
Advisor: Bernard Bachrach

Marshall, Chrisopher
"A Revolutionary Crucible: French Radicals, Foreign Expatriates, and Political Exiles in the Paris Commune."
Advisor: M.J. Maynes

Paltzer, Daniel
"Clashing Legacies: Narratives of Continuity and Rupture in Restoration."
Advisors: JB Shank and Anna Clark

Paul, Andrew
"The Roots of Post-Racial Neoliberalism in Blacklist Era Hollywood."
Advisors: Lary May and Tracey Deutsch

Roubinek, Eric
"Re-Imagined Communities: Racial, National, and Colonial Visions."
Advisors: Eric Weitz and M.J. Maynes

Venditto, Elizabeth
"Nation-Building and Catholic Assistance to Migrants in Italy's Transition from Land of Emigration to Immigration, 1861-1990."
Advisors: Donna Gabaccia and Patricia Lorcin


Donahue, Kelly
"Prodigal Daughters: Imprisoned Women, Reform, and the Feminine Ideal in the British Isles, 1800-1877."
Advisor: Anna Clark

Epstein, Seth David Edward
"Tolerance, Governance, and Surveillance in the Jim Crow South: Asheville, North Carolina, 1976-1946."
Advisors: Kevin Murphy and David Chang

Goetz, Kathryn R.
"Tell me how you like the shoose?": Gender, Girlhood, and Material Self-Fashioning in America, 1770-1850."
Advisor: Lisa Norling

Huska, Melanie
"Entertaining Education: Teaching National History in Mexican State-Sponsored Comic Books and Telenovelas, 1963 to 1996."
Advisors: Pat McMamara and Jeffrey Pilcher

Moerer, Andrea Kristine
"Changing Capultepec: Construction, Consumption, and Cultural Politics in a Mexico City Forest, 1934-1944."
Advisors: Pat McNamara and Sarah Chambers

Molosiwa, Phuthego Phuthego
"The Tragedy of the Ababirwas": Cattle Herding, Power and the Socio-Economic Environmental History of the Ethnic Identity of the Babirwa in Botswana, 1920 to the Present."
Advisors: Allen Isaacman and Helena Pohlandt-McCormick

Mummey, Kevin
"Women, Slavery, and Community on the Island of Mallorca, ca. 1360-1390."
Advisors: Ruth Mazo Karras and Kay Reyerson

Namakkal, Jessica L.
"Transgressing the Boundaries of the Nation: Decolonization, Migration, and Identity in France/India, 1910-1972."
Advisor: Patricia Lorcin

Rodriguez, Chantel R.
"Health on the Line: The Politics of Citizenship and the Railroad Bracero Program of World War II."
Advisors: Erika Lee and Barbara Welke

Snyder, Edward N.
"Work not Alms: The Bethel Mission to East Africa and German Protestant debates of Eugenics, 1880-1933."
Advisor: Eric Weitz

Thompson, Drew Anthony
"AIM, FOCUS, SHOOT: Photographic Narratives of War, Independence, and Imagination in Mozambique, 1950 to 1993."
Advisors: Allen Isaacman and Helena Pohlandt-McCormick

Vann Sprecher, Tiffany Dawn
"Priest as Criminal: Community Regulation of Priests in the Archdeaconry of Paris, 1483-1505."
Advisor: Ruth Mazo Karras


Calderon, Fernando
"Contesting the State from the Ivory Tower: Student Power, Dirty War, and the Urban Guerrilla Experience in Mexico, 1965-1982."
Advisors: Pat McNamara and Jeffrey Pilcher

Cothran III, Boyd Dean
"Marketplaces of Remembering: Violence, Colonialism, and American Innocence in the Making of the Modoc War."
Advisors: Jean O'Brien and Kevin Murphy

Hill, Gabriel
"Reading Religious Miscellanies in Fifteenth-Century England."
Advisor: Ruth Mazo Karras

Horan, Caley Dawn
"Actuarial Age: Insurance and the Emergence of Neoliberalism in the Postwar United States."
Advisors: Elaine Tyler May and Lary May

Martino-Truor, Gina Michelle
"Her Extraordinary Sufferings and Services": Women and War in New England and New France, 1630-1763."
Advisor: Kirsten Fischer

Masakure, Clement
"On the Frontline of Caring: A History of African Nurses in Colonial and Postcolonial Zimbabwe: 1940s -1996."
Advisors: Allen Isaacman and Helena Pohlandt-McCormick

Mashingaidze, Terence Motida
"'Living and Struggling on the Margins': A Post-Relocation History of the Zimbabwean Tonga`s Livelihoods in Binga District, 1950s to 2009."
Advisors: Allen Isaacman and Helena Pohlandt-McCormick

Otremba, Eric J.
"Enlightened Institutions: Science, Plantations, and Slavery in the English Atlantic, 1626-1700."
Advisor: Kirsten Fischer

Redix, Erik M.
"The Murder of Joe White: Ojibwe Leadership and Colonialism in Wisconsin."
Advisors: Jean O'Brien and Brenda Child

Obison, Kira Lynn
"Anathomia: Physicians, the Medical School, and Teaching the Body in Medieval Bologna."
Advisors: Kay Reyerson and Michael Lower

Schumacher, Leslie Rogne
"A 'Lasting Solution': The Eastern Question and British Imperialism, 1875-1878."
Advisor: Anna Clark

Swedo, Elizabeth M.
"Icelandic Church and Society, 1300-1550."
Advisors: Ruth Mazo Karras and Michael Lower

Williams, Kate
"Cyd-Safiad (Standing Together): The Politics of Alliance of Welsh and American Indian Rights' Movements, 1960s-Present."
Advisors: Jean O'Brien and Brenda Child

Wise, Michael D.
"Living Like a Wolf: Predation and Production in the Montana-Alberta Borderlands."
Advisors: David Chang and Susan Jones


Brandt, Marisa K.
"'Necessary Guidance': The Fred Harvey Company Presents the Southwest."

Farmer, Thomas R.
"The Transformation of Cologne: From a Late Roman to and Early Medieval City."
Advisor: Bernard Bachrach

Gilmer, Robert Andrew
"In the Shadow of Removal: Historical Memory, Indianness, and the Tellico Dam Project."
Advisors: Jean O'Brien and David Chang

Hu, Xiangyu
"The Juridical System of the Qing Dynasty in Beijing (1644-1900)."
Advisors: Ann Waltner and Chris Isett

Leinonen, Johanna Katriina "Elite Migration, Transnational Families, and the Nation State: International Marriages between Finns and Americans across the Atlantic in the Twentieth Century." Advisors: Erika Lee and Donna Gabaccia

Mudeka, Ireen
"'We Faced Mabvuto': A Gendered Socio-Economic History of Malawian Women's Migration and Survival in Harare, 1940-1980."
Advisor: Allen Isaacman

Pan, Tsung-Yi
"Constructing Tiananmen Square as a Realm of Memory: National Salvation, Revolutionary Tradition, and Political Modernity in Twentieth-Century China."
Advisor: Ann Waltner

Qin, Fang
"Beauty and a Broken City: Women and Their Publicity in Tianjin, 1898-1911."
Advisors: Ann Waltner and Ted Farmer

Tochterman, Brian L.
"Welcome to Fear City: The Cultural Narrative of New York City, 1945-1980."
Advisor: Kevin Murphy

Trutor, Jonathan William
"Please Stand By: Reconstruction, Decolonization and Security in British and French Public Information Films in the Postwar Era, 1945-1965."
Advisors: Anna Clark and Patricia Lorcin

Weiskopf, Julie Marie
"Resettling Buha: A Social History of Resettled Communities Kigoma Region, Tanzania, 1933-1975."
Advisors: Allen Isaacman and Michelle Wagner

Zanoni, Elizabeth Ann
"Gendering Nations of Consumers: Migration and Commerce between Italy, the U.S., and Argentina, 1880 to 1940."
Advisors: Donna Gabaccia and Erika Lee


Bluestone, Jamie Rae
"Why the Earth Shakes: Pre-Modern Understandings and Modern Earthquake Science."
Advisor: Carla Phillips

Bucher, Jesse W.
"Arguing Biko: Evidence of the Body in the Politics of History, 1977 to the Present."
Advisors: Allen Isaacman and Tamara Giles-Vernick

Frahm, Jill E.
"Unclaimed Flowers and Blossoms Protected by Thorns: Never-Married Women in the United States, 1880-1930."
Advisors: Steve Ruggles and Tracey Deutsch

Grace, Philip David
"Providers and Educators: The Theory and Practice of Fatherhood in Late Medieval Basel, 1475-1529."

Helfrich, Joel T.
"A Mountain of Politics: The Struggle for dzil nchaa si'an (Mount Graham), 1871-2002."
Advisor: David Roediger

Masebo, Oswald
"Society, State, and Infant Welfare: Negotiating Medical Interventions in Colonial Tanzania, 1920-1950."
Advisors: Allen Isaacman and Tamara Giles-Vernick

Nakamura, Masako
"Families Precede Nation and Race?: Marriage, Migration, and Integration of Japanese War Brides after World War II."
Advisors: Erika Lee and Elaine Tyler May

Patters, N'Jai-An E.
"Deviants and Dissidents: Children's Sexuality and the Limits of Liberation."
Advisors: Regina Kunzel and Kevin Murphy

Richtmyer, Eric W.
"Beyond Commitment: Intellectual Engagement in Politics in Postwar France, 1944-1962."

Rook-Koepsel, Emily Esther
"Unity, Democracy, and the All India Phenomenon, 1940-1946."
Advisor: Ajay Sakaria

Strasma, Mary G.
"Histories in its Walls: La Moneda, Memory and Reconciliation in Post- Authoritarian Chile."
Advisor: Sarah Chambers

Vang, Nengher Naova
"Dreaming of Home, Dreaming of Land: Displacements and Hmong Transnational Politics, 1975-2010."
Advisor: Erika Lee

Windel, Aaron Matthew
"Governing Community: Anthropology, Education, and Cooperation in British East and Central Africa between the Wars."
Advisor: Anna Clark

Ye, Zhiguo
"Big is Modern: The Making of Wuhan as a Mega-City in Early Twentieth Century China, 1889-1957."
Advisors: Ann Waltner and Liping Wang