Recent Dissertations


Dorst, Jesse

Bumfodder: Cheap Paper, Ephemeral Print, and the Unsettled Nation, 1651-1720

Advisor: JB Shank

Hampton, Melissa

Women, Gender, and the Politics of Refugee Resettlement in the Cuban Mariel Migration of 1980
Advisors: Regina Kunzel and Barbara Young Welke

Jaywant, Ketaki Umesh  

Secularizing Caste: Mapping Nineteenth-Century Anti-caste Politics in Western India

Advisor: Ajay Skaria

Lummus, Wesley

One Nation, Two Languages: Latinization and Language Reform in Turkey and Azerbaijan, 1905-1938

Advisor: Gaincarlo Casale

Malauene, Denise

"A History of Music and Politics in Mozambique from 1890s to the Present"
Advisor: Allen Isaacman 

Quijada, Pedro

The Forgotten El Salvador: A Study of the Emergence and Downfall of the "Bright Spot" of Central America, 1948-1978

Advisor: Patrick McNamara

Slade, Virgil

"Sport in South Africa: The 'Ideal Body' and the Limitations of Political Equality and 'Reconciliation' in the Post-apartheid State, c 1900 - 2020" 

Advisor: Helena Pohlandt-Mcormack 

Snowden, Emma

Briding the Straight: The Shared History of Iberia and North Africa in Medieval Muslim and Christian Chronicles

Advisors: Michael Lower, Ruth Mazo Karras

Wilz, Patrick

"In Cold Type: The New Technological Sublime and the Reimagining of Print Journalism in the United States and Britain, 1960-1995”

Advisors: Thomas Wolfe, Patricia Lorcin

Zhu, Tianxiao

Secret Trails: Food and Trade in the Late Maoist China, 1960-1978

Advisor: Christopher Isset


Contreras, Jazmine

"We were all in the resistance: Historical Memory of the Holocaust and Second World War in the Netherlands”
Advisors: Anna Clark, Mary Jo Maynes

Flynn, Christopher

“Unconquered Louis Rejoiced in Iron: Military History in East Francia under King Louis the German (c. 825-876)”
Advisors: Bernard Bachrach, Kathryn Reyerson

Jahnke-Wagner, Joanne

"Captive Economics: Social Reproduction, Commodification, and Settler Colonialism in the Northeast 1630-1763"
Advisor: Kristen Fischer

Li, Kan

"On the Road to a Modern City: New Transportation Technology and Urban Transformation of Tianjin, 1860-1937"
Advisors: Liping Wang, Ann Waltner

Little, John

“Vietnam Akíčita: Lakota and Dakota Military Tradition in the Twentieth Century”
Advisor: Jean O'Brien

Poletti, Bailey

"Final Preparations: The Emergence of Human Agency in Christian Apocalyptic Speculation in the 10th and 11th Centuries" 

Advisor: Kathryn Reyerson 

Rene, Christopher

"In Search of a Confessional Identity: Dositheos Notaras, the Patriarch of Jerusalem (1669-1707), Confronts the Challenges of Modernity"
Advisor: Theofanis Stavrou 

Sienna, Noam

“Making Jewish Books in North Africa, 1700-1900”
Advisor: Daniel Schroeter

Weber, Kent

“Chinese Exclusion and the U.S. Empire in Hawai’i and Cuba, 1874-1943”
Advisors: Erika Lee, David Chang


Depenbusch, Brooke

“Down and Out in the USA: General Relief and the Politics of Precarity in the Shadow of the Welfare State, 1935-1964”
Advisors: Barbra Welke, Tracey Deutsch

Dillenburg, Elizabeth

“Constructing and Contesting “the Girlhood of Our Empire”: Girls’ Culture, Labor, and Mobility in Britain, South Africa, and New Zealand, c. 1830-1930”
Advisors: Anna Clark, Mary Jo Maynes

Jiang, Yuanxin

“More than just a Drink: Tea Consumption, Material Culture, and ‘Sensory Turn’ in Early Modern China (1550-1700)”
Advisor: Ann Waltner

Manke, John

“Granum Bonum: Grain Distribution and the Emergence of Popular Institutions in Medieval Genoa”
Advisor: Kathryn Reyerson

Thumbran, Janeke

“The ‘Coloured Question’ and the University of Pretoria: Separate Development, Trusteeship, and Self Reliance, 1933-2012”
Advisors: Helena Pohlandt-McCormick, Allen Isaacman

Vig, Paul

“Hunters and After Riders: A History of Hunting and the Making of Race in the Waterberg, 1840s-Present”
Advisors: Helena Pohlandt-McCormick, Allen Isaacman


Arnett, Jessica

"Between Empires and Frontiers: Alaska Native Sovereignty and U.S. Settler Imperialism"
Advisors: Jean O'Brien, Barbara Welke

Haker, Joseph

"The Rock of the Republic: The Ten Commandments in American Life from World War II to the Culture Wars"
Advisors: Lary May, Elaine Tyler May

Hoyt, Andrew

"And They Called Them “Galleanisti”: The Rise of the Cronaca Sovversiva and the Formation of America’s Most Infamous Anarchist Faction (1895-1912)"
Advisor: Donna Gabaccia

James, Elliot

“Sithutha Isizwe ("We Carry the Nation"): Dispossession, Displacement, and the Making of the Shared Minibus Taxi in Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa, 1930-Present”
Advisors: Allen Isaacman, Helena Pohlandt-McCormick

Jin, Hui-Han

"Emotional Death: Tombs and Burial Practices in the Ming Dynasty, 1368-1644"
Advisor: Ann Waltner

Kim, Jee-Yeon

“Korean War Memories”
Advisors: Hiromi Mizuno, Yuichiro Onishi

King, Matthew

"The Norman Kingdom of Africa and the Medieval Mediterranean"
Advisor: Michael Lower

Nelson, Matt

"Relieved of These Little Chores: Agricultural Neighbor Labor, Family Labor, and Kinship in the United States 1790-1940"
Advisor: Steven Ruggles

Taparata, Evan

"No Asylum for Mankind: The Creation of Refugee Law and Policy in the United States, 1776-1951"
Advisors: Erika Lee, Donna Gabaccia

Wang, Luo

"The Gothic Saints and Their Mystical Songs: Performing Sanctity in the Thirteenth-Century Diocese of Liège"
Advisors: Ruth Karras, Bernard Bachrach

Williams, Blair

"Making Japan’s National Game: Baseball, Bushidō, and Discourses of National Identity, 1868-2008"
Advisor: Hiromi Mizuno


Blackler, Adam

"Heathens, 'Hottentots', and Heimat: Colonial Encounters and German Identity in Southwest Africa, 1842-1915"
Advisors: Eric Weitz, Gary Cohen

Condit-Shrestha, Kelly

"Adoption and American Empire: Migration, Race-making, and the Child, 1845-1988"
Advisors: Erika Lee, Donna Gabaccia

Luepke, Laura

"Defining the Physician's Duty: Medical Professionalization in America and the Politics of Prostitution Reform Activism, the 1870s-1910s"
Advisors: Tracey Deutsch, Jennifer Gunn

Perez, Bernadette

"Before the Sun Rises: Contesting Power and Cultivating Nations in the Colorado Beet Fields"
Advisors: David Chang, Erika Lee

Qureshi, Basit

"Crusade, Crisis, and Statecraft in Latin Christendom: The Case of Fulk V of Anjou (1090-1143)"
Advisors: Michael Lower, Kathryn Reyerson

Weaver Olson, Nathan

"A Republic of Lost Peoples: Race, Status, and Community in the Eastern Andes of Charcas at the Turn of the Seventeenth Century"
Advisor: Sarah Chambers

Williams, Elizabeth

"Sexual Trusteeship: Constructing Race and Sexuality in Colonial Kenya, 1885-1963"
Advisors: Anna Clark, Patricia Lorcin


Izzo, Jesse

"The Frankish Nobility and The Fall of Acre: Diplomacy, Society, and War in the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem, c.1240-1291"
Advisor: Michael Lower

Manovich, Ellen

"Is This a Real Neighborhood?: Universities, Urban Development, and Neighborhood Change in the Twentieth-Century United States"
Advisors: Steven Ruggles, Donna Gabaccia

Park, Sharon

"Constructing Americans’ Responsibility to Give: Shifting Debates about Foreign and Humanitarian Aid to Child Refugees, 1945–1989"
Advisor: Elaine Tyler May

Zimo, Ann

"Muslims in the Landscape: A Social Map of the Kingdom of Jerusalem in the Thirteenth Century"
Advisor: Michael Lower


Bradley, Cameron

“Between Brothers: Brotherhood and Masculinity in the Later Middle Ages.”
Advisor: Ruth Mazo Karras

Bruce, Emily

“Reading Agency: The Making of Modern German Childhoods in the Age of Revolutions.”
Advisor: Mary Jo Maynes

Morton, David

"Age of Concrete: Housing and the Imagination in Mozambique's Capital, c. 1950 to Recent Times."
Advisors: Allen Isaacman, Helena Pohlandt-McCormick

Mummey, Kevin

"Women, Slavery, and Community on the Island of Mallorca, 1360-1390."
Advisors: Kathryn Reyerson; Ruth Mazo Karras

Phillips, Katrina

"We All Have a Part to Play": Salvage Tourism in American Indian Historical Pagentry."
Advisor: Jean O'Brien

Wisnoski, Alexander

"Contesting Husbands and Masters: Law, Society, and the Marital Household in Colonial Lima."
Advisor: Sarah Chambers

Older dissertations can be found in the Register of Doctoral Degrees.