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Our undergraduate students engage with each other and their professors, explore a broad range of academic and engagement experiences, and gain skills to serve their communities and workplaces.

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PoliSci undergrad

We encourage students to be historians—to take part in research, internships, foreign study, and service learning. We invite them to engage with each other and their professors—to explore historical sites, stories, and systems both local and global. We ensure that students gain the skills to serve their communities and workplaces.

Would you like to better understand... the history of global economies, social movements, imperialism, colonialism, race, ethnicity, immigration, youth, gender, sexuality, science, technology, war, capitalism, politics, and foreign policy? Explore the world from antiquity to the present with our renowned faculty.

What can you do with a major in history? Whether you are pursuing a career in a financial organization, management, a nonprofit, politics, business, the law, service, or education, studying history will give you the analytical, research, and writing skills you need.

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