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Portrait of Kathryn Reyerson.

Think Like A Pirate: An Unexpected Exploration of Mediterranean History

Professor Kathryn Reyerson explains the insight that her course, HIST 3426 Piracy in the Mediterranean: The World of Merchants and Pirates, offers students. Exploring cross-cultural interaction, global connections, and the identities of people that set out to sea during the Middle Ages, this course challenges students to “think like a pirate.”
Portrait of Brent Imholte

Yelling for History

The Yelling for History club was founded by a group of students at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities who took HIST 3053 Ancient Civilizations: Rome with Loren Cowdery in spring 2018. The group mixes roleplaying, history, public speaking, debates, reenactment, politicking, and much more into games that are inherently designed for learning by doing.
Portrait of William Jones

Connecting Past & Present

“We tend to forget how central employment is to our lives. It doesn’t just shape who we are at work; it shapes who we are outside of work,” says Professor William Jones about his research on public sector employment. The relationship between employment and inequality is one that has persisted through history.
Portrait of Nate Garvis

We Are Liberal Arts: Nate Garvis

Nate Garvis (BA '85, history) works with people who want to shape the future, but as a history major, understanding the past helps him understand the people he meets and places he visits now. A lover of learning, he is grateful for the "thirsty mind" and ability to see from different perspectives that his liberal arts education has given him.
Erika Lee in Gallery

On Purpose: Portrait of History

Trying to make sense of the country’s latest debate over immigration is Erika Lee, a professor in the Department of History and the Asian American Studies Program, a Regents Professor and director of the Immigration History Research Center (IHRC). A faculty member since 1998, Lee has been working to connect US immigration history to contemporary conflicts over immigration and race erupting across the country and worldwide.