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Responding to Racial Injustice

The History Department's Response to Racial Injustice
July 9, 2020

   Like our colleagues everywhere, we in the Department of History were outraged by the murder of George Floyd, which took place just a few short miles from our campus. We were saddened when our cities burned in the nights following his death.  But we are heartened by the ways in which the communities we belong to have come together to talk about pathways to the future. These conversations will take time, and they must be followed by action. We renew our commitment to working to combat racism in our department, in our university and in our society.

    In that spirit, we are pleased to co-sponsor two teach-ins, with colleagues in several departments at the University of Minnesota and those at Morehouse College and Spelman College in Atlanta and Howard University in Washington D.C. The topic of the first teach-in is “Policing, Public Policy, and Racial Justice.” It will be held on July 14 from noon to 3 p.m. (Central Time).  The topic of the second teach-in is "Racial Justice Protests and Social Change"; it will be held on July 29 from noon to 3 p.m. (Central Time).  You may register for the teach-in, which will be live-streamed (and recorded).  More information about both teach-ins can be found on the ICW Teach-Ins website