Sarah Balakrishnan: President's Postdoctoral Fellow

Portrait of Sarah Balakrishnan

Sarah Balakrishnan (she/her/hers) is a 2021–22 President's Postdoctoral Fellow.



President's Postdoctoral Fellow Program Mentor

Katherine Gerbner

Undergraduate Institution

McGill University

Doctoral Institution

Harvard University

Dissertation Title

Anticolonial Public: From Slavery to Independence in Southern Ghana, c. 1500-1957

Research Interests

I study the imperial encounter in southern Ghana (Gold Coast Colony) through changes to land, space, and political imagination. These spaces include enclosures, fences, prisons, cemeteries, roadways, and other kinds of public spaces. I show how these areas became loci for political power during colonial rule, developing new indigenous anticolonial practices.

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