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Undergraduate students at the University of Minnesota may get involved in human rights in a number of ways.

Human Rights Courses

Students interested in pursuing a degree with a focus on human rights may earn a B.A. in Global Studies. Global Studies majors are required to enroll in at least three courses spanning one or more of a broad range of elective concentrations, one of which is human rights. Please review the list of courses designated as human rights electives under the Global Studies B.A. and consult Schedule Builder to learn which courses are offered in a given semester.

Career Exploration

Beyond the University, the Human Rights Program encourages students to pursue internships and career opportunities with human rights NGOs around the Twin Cities. Many student interns have transitioned into full-time jobs with these organizations.

We also encourage students interested in human rights to volunteer with related on-campus research projects or conduct their own research. The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) provides undergraduate funding opportunities for faculty-mentored research.