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Hunter Johnson

Bringing the World to Minnesota and Minnesota to the World

Hunter Johnson (MHR ’20) is producing a documentary on the role of the press in combating enforced disappearances and impunity in Mexico. “Since 2006, over 40,000 people have disappeared in Mexico. This film illustrates how exceptional reporters work with victims’ families to demand state accountability in the search for their loved ones, helping to put an end to this ongoing human-rights crisis.” Johnson received the Dunn Peace Research Scholarship to investigate and film this project in Mexico.
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Op-Ed: Is Trump Administration Attempting to Redefine International Human Rights?

Since the end of World War II, treaties and international institutions have defined and developed international human rights and institutions. Now, with little fanfare, the U.S. State Department has announced the establishment of the "Commission on Unalienable Rights." At first glance, this may sound like an unobjectionable reference to an important document and concept of U.S. history. It may be much more than that. Legal and political commentator Duane W. Krohnke (JD) lends his perspectives on this development, calling on human rights advocates to pay close attention to the Commission.
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Student Voice: Bloodshed and Injustice in Sudan

Following the fall of Omar al-Bashir in Sudan and installment of a Transitional Military Council (TMC), negotiations of transitioning power to a civilian-led government recently soured, leading the TMC to open fire on pro-democracy demonstrators. With the death toll rising and with additional crackdowns on demonstrators, concerns about human rights and the risks to securing a peaceful transition to democratic rule are heightened.
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Emerging Human Rights Advocates Take Their Next Steps

Rising U of MN Senior Tony Burton and rising U of MN Junior Tala Alfoqaha have been selected as the 2019 Fraser Fellows. Tony, a Political Science Major and Tala, double majoring in Mathematics and Global Studies will intern at ECPAT-USA and The Advocates for Human Rights, respectively. This will offer the undergraduate students hands-on opportunities to practice human rights research and advocacy alongside human rights professionals.
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Three Incredible Human Rights Students, Three Well-Deserved Awards

Kate Denney, Brittany Becker, and Anishaa Kamesh are this year's winners of the Inna Meiman and Sullivan Ballou Undergraduate Human Rights Awards. These three women demonstrate admirable dedication to human rights causes, and engage in important service to their local, national, and international communities. With interests spanning from immigrant rights to homelessness to human trafficking, these three awardees are already on paths to have a hugely positive impact on the world.
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A Sociological Human Rights Perspective

Brooke Chambers, a third year Sociology PhD student, studies some of the most difficult questions facing human rights scholars--how to understand and respond to the multi-generational effects of instances of mass violence. With a particular focus on the Rwandan genocide, Brooke is using her education to seek a better understanding of how genocidal violence reverberates throughout space and time, along with how Rwandan society remembers and commemorates the Genocide. Next semester she will conduct field research in Rwanda, interviewing young adults about their experiences growing up in a post-genocide society.
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Effecting Tangible Change at the United Nations

It is exceedingly difficult and rare to influence the immediate action recommendations that the CEDAW Committee includes in its report to member state countries. However, Professor Greta Friedemann-Sánchez and her research team successfully did just that. Their Human Rights Initiative project “Family Commissioners: Fostering Justice, Security and Peace in Colombian Families in the Post-Conflict Era (COLPAZ)” influenced not just one but two of the recommendations that CEDAW provided to Colombia regarding improving their treatment and services for victims of domestic violence.

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