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The Immigration History Research Center is a world-renowned interdisciplinary research center of migration, with a focus on immigration to the United States. Throughout the year the IHRC sponsors various events with university researchers and their international peers highlighting contemporary and past immigration issues.

Your generous support for the IHRC is more critical than ever. It helps us keep, attract and retain the very best scholars and students even as state funding declines. Your tax-deductible gift helps us preserve our nation’s rich immigration history, lead path-breaking research, connect with communities, engage in public dialogue, and work with teachers and students.

Choose a Fund

There are a number of ways your gift can help support our work:

  • Rudolph J. Vecoli Endowed Chair in Immigration History
    The Vecoli Chair, held by the director of the IHRC, is named for long-time IHRC Director Rudolph J. Vecoli, and provides for research, curriculum support, and director-led special initiatives. Recent projects supported by the endowed chair include:
  • IHRC Discovery Fund
    This fund supports research, programming, and community engagement projects at the Immigration History Research Center, an interdisciplinary center within the College of Liberal Arts on the U of M Twin Cities campus.
    • Recent projects supported by the general fund include:
    • Global Race, Ethnicity, and Migration Monthly Seminar
    • Immigrant America Conference: New Immigration Histories from 1965 to the Present (October 2015)
  • Louis P. and Mary Ann Novak Scholarship
    This fund supports tuition for incoming freshmen, particularly students studying Croatian, Hungarian or Central European studies. As part of the IHRC’s endowment campaign, this scholarship is invested and administered by the University of Minnesota Foundation and aided by generous matching opportunities. The University of Minnesota President's Scholarship Fund will match interest generated by this fund.

The IHRC is critical to the University, our local community, and the world. Your gift can help support the next generation of leaders and thinkers.