Immigrant Stories Toolkits and Curricula

The IHRC’s Immigrant Stories team has designed a number of toolkits and curricula to help educators train others to make digital stories and to use the Immigrant Stories collection in their teaching. All these resources are provided at no cost.

Our toolkits enable an instructor to guide others through the process of creating their own digital story.

The steps include:

  1. Writing a short script
  2. Recording the script as a voice-over
  3. Collecting images 
  4. Editing the materials into a digital video

Currently, we have three available toolkits: Immigrant Stories for college instructors, Immigrant Stories for community workshops, and a general digital storytelling workshop toolkit.

We are working on a toolkit for teachers of adult English Language Learners. It is scheduled for the spring of 2016.

Immigrant Stories curricula will be thematic lesson plans suitable for grades 8 and higher. Each lesson plan will focus on a particular aspect of migration, such as the experiences of refugees and asylum seekers, and will include stories in the Immigrant Stories collection. The tentative release date is summer 2016.

There are three Immigrant Stories Toolkits available on the Immigrant Stories page.