CourseShare for Fall 2022 Underway

This semester over 40 University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (UMN-TC) students have access to the languages they need to achieve their personal and professional goals through the CourseShare program.

In addition, over 50 Big Ten and UMN-Morris students are virtually on our campus this semester, taking advantage of our unique language and culture courses.

Many individuals from across the university help make CourseShare possible for students, from the advisors who promote options, to the registrars who work around the clock as the semester begins to ensure students have access to course materials. However, the most essential individuals are the language and culture instructors who teach the courses we send in the Big Ten and to UMN-Morris. The generosity and flexibility of CLA instructors is well established, and this positive reputation ensures that when a UMN student requests a new language or course, there is a good chance a partner university will step up to help them.

A big thank you to the following instructors for sharing their courses Fall 2022. Please note that there are other instructors not listed here who also include non-UMN students in their classes outside of formal exchange programs. This list also does not include the very generous instructors who volunteered to share, and planned for an exchange, but the students did not ultimately register.

Meraj Ahmed: Beginning & Intermediate Urdu

Zoe Brown: Beginning & Intermediate Ojibwe

Jennifer Carnell: Reading in German

Hangtae Cho: Language and Society of the two Koreas

Šišóka Dúta: Beginning & Intermediate Dakota

Dan Haataja: Beginning Finnish

Khadar Jama: Beginning Somali

Kyle Korynta: Beginning Norwegian

C̣aƞte Máza: Advanced Dakota & Dakota Linguistics

Lena Norrman: Beginning Swedish

Jenneke Oosterhoff: Beginning Dutch

Renana Schneller: Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced Modern Hebrew

Suvadip Sinha: Beginning & Advanced Hindi

Instructors who are interested in potentially sharing a class in the Big Ten or UMN system can email Stephanie Treat at to start a discussion. If you are an instructor who has tried to share a language in the past and did not find a sustainable partner, we can always try again. A successful connection requires the right language for the right student at the right time. Often the “right time” is the missing factor, but persistence can pay off. Some of our most successful partnerships have taken years to develop. 

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