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Conducting LC- Supported Research

Research Advisory Committee

The Research Advisory Committee advises and documents research projects undertaken by University of Minnesota faculty, students, and staff that incorporate LC resources, data, or staff member support. The committee’s objectives are to:

  • Facilitate the process of conducting research projects
  • Advise researchers in the design, implementation, and available resources for their project
  • Document the products of LC-supported research
  • Increase communication among researchers and the LC staff

To ensure that we meet these objectives, we request that anyone wishing to carry out an LC-supported research project follow the steps described below. The committee is also available for consultation regarding research project design, implementation, and available resources. To set up a consultation or ask questions, please contact the committee chair, Kate Paesani.

Steps for Conducting Language Center-Supported Research

To carry out a research project that involves LC resources (e.g., PACE data, technology tools, staff support, etc.), we ask that researchers follow these steps:

1. Complete the online Research Project Form prior to beginning your project

The Research Project Form asks for the following information:
  • Researcher name(s), academic role, and department
  • Project title, type, description, and expected outcomes
  • IRB exemption/acceptance letter if working with human subjects (Note:  If you request to work with PACE data, you are required to get IRB approval for your project.)
  • LC resources required for the project, including PACE data variables if requesting access to the PACE data bank

Once submitted, the Research Advisory Committee will review the form and communicate with the researchers about their project.

Research that requires access to the PACE data bank must be reviewed by the University of Minnesota's Internal Review Board (IRB). In addition to obtaining IRB approval researchers must consent to the Data Use Agreement by signing their name in the Research Request Form.

Any other LC-supported research project involving human subjects must also be reviewed by the IRB. To determine if a project involves human subjects, see the Human Research determination worksheet. Information about submitting a protocol for human subjects research can be found on the IRB homepage.

2. Complete the online Final Report Form at the close of your project

Within four weeks of completing an LC-supported research project, researchers must submit a Final Report Form. This form helps the LC document research activity and outcomes, including gathering references to add to the LC research bibliography, and should take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

3. Share bibliographic information for any presentations, workshops, or publications resulting from the project for inclusion in the LC’s online project bibliography