Language Testing


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The Language Center administers various tools for students to demonstrate their proficiency level according to national standards.

EPT? LPE? Placement test? The Language Center is the home of the CLA Language Testing Program. Visit the Language Testing Program website to:

  • Read about options for fulfilling the CLA second language requirement and find information about proficiency and placement tests.
  • Register for a test, take a test, and see test results.

The Language Center also administers the official proficiency tests of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). The ACTFL tests are part of the CLA Certificate of Advanced Proficiency and the Proficiency Assessment for Curriculum Enhancement (PACE) Project.

The Certificate of Advanced Proficiency programs are administered through the Language Center and an academic department. The Language Center administers the self-assessments, critical reflection essays and the proficiency assessments.