Medieval studies is a flexible and interdisciplinary program that offers students courses from a variety of programs and majors, taught by leading scholars whose work explores aspects of medieval history and culture. The University of Minnesota has been and continues to be home to some of the best-known scholars in medieval studies (just to name a few: Ruth Mazo Karras, Anatoly Liberman, David Wallace). We regularly host scholars from across the globe, as well as organizing conferences, symposia, and other events.

In medieval studies, you will study languages such as Arabic, Old Norse, Latin, Spanish, French, and German, using them to enhance your study of the Middle Ages. The University has a good collection of medieval manuscripts, accessible to all University students. In addition, we have long-standing relationships with the Hill Monastic Library at St John’s University in St. Cloud, as well as the Newberry Library in Chicago.

Spring 2020 Graduate Courses

All courses below count toward the graduate minor in medieval studies. Please contact the home department and/or instructor for full details on each course.

  • SPAN 5106: Iberia: In and Of the Mediterranean (Michelle M. Hamilton)
  • ANTH 8510: Topics: Archaeology- Meets with "Romans, Anglo-Saxons, and Vikings: Archaeology of Northern Europe" (Peter Wells)
  • LAT 5200: Advanced Reading: Later Latin (Nita Krevans)
  • HIST 8900: Premodern Urban History: Europe and the Mediterranean (Kathryn Reyerson)
  • AMES 5446: Kabuki: A Pop, Queer, and Classical Theater in Japan (Maki Isaka)
  • ENGL 8090: Britain and the Islamic Mediterranean (Nabil Matar)