Students in an undergraduate Art History course used colored gaff tape in a courtyard on campus to create a to-scale floor plan of a medieval cathedral.

Medieval Studies is a flexible and interdisciplinary program that offers courses from a variety of programs and majors. Students interested in the many ways in which the Middle Ages continue to shape our world—from the fiction of J.R.R. Tolkein, film adaptations of medieval legends such as Arthur, popular tv series based on the world of the Vikings to video games based on medieval epics—will find that the University has courses that will allow them to explore the history and culture behind such modern adaptations.

The University’s wide selection of language and history courses offers many opportunities for exploring the variety of the Middle Ages across the globe. The University has a great collection of medieval manuscripts, accessible to all students. In addition, the Center for Medieval Studies has long-standing relationships with the Hill Museum and Manuscript Library at Saint John’s University in Collegeville, MN, as well as the Newberry Library in Chicago.  

Spring 2022 Premodern Undergraduate Courses

Note: Not all courses below count toward the undergraduate minor in medieval studies. Please contact the home department and/or instructor for full details on each course.

Historical & Global Perspectives

  • CNRC/RELS/HIST 1082/3092: Jesus in History (S. Ahearne-Kroll)
  • HISt 3054: Ancient Egypt and its Neighbors (Eva von Dassow)
  • ArtH 3335/5335: Baroque Rome: Art and Politics in the Papal Capital (Steven Ostrow)
  • CNRC 3103: Ancient Greece: Alexander and the East (P. Ahearne-Kroll)
  • Hist 3611: Medieval Cities of Europe (Kathryn Reyerson)
  • Hist/EAS 3462: From Subjects to Citizens: The History of East Asia from 1500 to the Present (Ann Waltner)
  • Hist 1011W: Civilziation and The ENVIRONMENT (Andrew Gallia)


  • ENGL/MEST 3072: Witchcraft, Possession, Magic: Concepts in the Atlantic Supernatural, 1500-1800 (Rachel Trocchio)

Arts & Humanites, Ethics and Civic Life

  • FREN/HIST 3661/3731: Revolution and Rights (Juliette Cherbuliez)
  • ARTH 3309: Renaissance Art in Europe (Michael Gaudio)
  • CNES/JWST/RELS 3205: Women, Gender, and the Hebrew Bible (Hanne Loeland Levinson)

Additional Premodern Courses

  • Arth 5252: Early Christian Art (Jennifer Awes Freeman)
  • Hist 3101: Introduction to Medieval History (Michael Lower)
  • Hist 3613: History of the Crusades (Michael Lower) HIST 3616: The Hundred Years War: France and England (Kathryn Reyerson)
  • Hist 3708: The Age of Curiosity: Art and Knowledge in Europe, 1500-1800 (JB Shank)
  • Hist 3542: Medieval Islam (Nabil Matar)
  • Hist 3704: Daily Life, Europe (In the Renaissance) (Grad Instructor TBD)
  • CNRC 1003: The Wolrd of Rome (Spencer Cole)
  • CNRC 1042: Greek and Roman Mythology (TBD)
  • CNRC 3042: Mesopotamian Literature (Eva von Dassow)
  • CNRC/HIST 3061: Spectacles in Antiquity (Andrew Gallia)
  • CNRC/RELS 3074: Exploring the Quran (TBD)
  • CNES 3081W: Classical Epic in Translation (Nita Krevans)
  • CNRC/JWST/RELS/ANTH/MEST 3206: Sex, Murder, and Bodily Discharges: Purity and Pollution in the Ancient World (P. Ahearne-Kroll)
  • LAT 5100: Cosmos and culture: the world, its origins, and early humans (SPencer Cole)
  • CNRC 3105 Ancient Rome: Age of Augustus (Spencer Cole)
  • CNRC 3072: The Birth and Christianity (J. Reno)
  • Hist 3617: Pagans, Christians Barbarians (Grad TBD)
  • GER 3702/5701: Middle High GermanAn (Anatoly Liberman)
  • HSCI 3611/5611: Enlightenment, Revolution, and the Rise of Modern Science (Victor D. Boantza)
  • MEST 1102/3102: Modern Echoes of Medieval Tales (Michelle Hamilton & Katherine Pierpont)
  • Anth 4043: Romans, Anglo-Saxons, and Vikings: Archeology of Northern Europe (Peter Wells)
  • Hist 3600: Medieval Cities of Europe (Kathryn Reyerson)
  • ENGL 4613: Old English II: Beowulf (Andrew Scheil)
  • CNES/RELS/HIST 1082/3094: Jesus in History (Stephen Ahearne-Kroll)
  • CNES 3074: Exploring the Qur'an: An Intellectual Odyssey with Islam's Holy Scripture (Mohsen Goudarzi)
  • AMES 3433: Traditional Literature in Translation (Maki Isaka)
  • AMES 3820: Islamic Mysticism (Alexander Jabbari)
  • Hist 3606: Christians, Muslims, and Jews in the Middle Ages (Michael Lower)
  • Hist 3101: Introduction to Medieval History (Michael Lower)