Conferences and Symposia

The Center for Premodern Studies is proud to have hosted distinguished speakers from universities around the country. We dedicate time and effort to creating conferences and symposia that showcase the theoretical orientation and scope of our research.

To see current programing, visit the "Conferences and Symposia" page of our updated CPS website. 

  • 2019 The Premodern Food Cultures Conference, organized by Michelle Hamilton, Emily Beck, and Marguerite Ragnow
  • 2018 The 17th Vagantes Conference on Medieval Studies, organized by Matthew King and Genevieve Young
  • 2017 43rd Annual Byzantine Studies Conference, organized by Andrea Sterk and Matthew Canepa
  • 2016 “The Legacy of Al-Andalus” symposium and musical performance, organized by Michelle M. Hamilton
  • 2013 “Teaching and Learning in the Middle Ages,” conference organized by Andrew Scheil for the 25th anniversary of the Center Medieval Studies
  • 2011 “Mediterranean Identities from the Middle Ages to the Present” conference, organized by Kathryn Reyerson
  • 2009 “Religion and Law in the Global Middle Ages” conference, organized by Ruth Mazo Karras
  • 2007 “Venice and the Idea of Europe” conference
  • 2006 “Medieval Inventions: The Hospital?” symposium, in conjunction with the Institute for Advanced Study, and featuring an original performance: “Readings in Times of Plagues”