The Center for Premodern Studies and its members are actively involved in a series of research workshops organized by graduate students and faculty. These events are part of (and funded by) the Mellon Grant in support of the Center. These workshops—a signature feature of Medieval Studies at UMN—provide unique opportunities for their participants and visiting guests to explore theories and topics concerning the limits and nature of the history and material culture of the premodern, global world.

  • These faculty and graduate student-led initiatives involve scholars at the UMN as well as partners at local, national, and international institutions.
  • Research workshops address intellectual questions regarding global premodern studies and model collaboration across disciplines, chronologies, and geologies.
  • Activities range from reading groups and works-in-progress seminars to seminars with local or external visitors and public symposia and academic conferences.

Current 2021-22 Workshops

Medieval Books in the Schools

Organized by Lydia Garver, Alex Korte, and Michelle Hamilton. An internal workshop dedicated to improving the Center's current K-12 outreach curricula. We send graduate students into local classrooms and present on manuscript culture and material (book) production. These presentations are geared toward the K-8 classroom and include fun period clothing and authentic medieval book materials like inks, quills, and parchment. To coordinate a classroom visit, fill out this Google Request Form: Link to Medieval Books Presentation Request Form

The First Millennium: Religion in Late Antiquity

Organized by Benjamin Hansen, Alex Magnolia, and Jeff Cross. A workshop devoted to the study of Late Antiquity, an age of transition from the classical world to the cultures of early medieval Europe, Byzantium, and the Near East. This was a period when the three major monotheistic religions took shape, and religious developments across Afro-Eurasia is the central theme of the workshop. This workshop meets in Heller Hall 1210 on Fridays from 2:00-3:15 PM CST.

Workshop Schedule:

  • Dec. 10 Jeffrey Cross: University of Minnesota, "Second Temple Judaism/Dead Sea Scrolls."
  • Nov. 12: Jennifer Awes Freeman, United Theological Seminary, "On Hrabanus Maurus' In honorem sanctae crucis."
  • Oct. 22: Maria Mavroudi, UC Berkeley, "Philosophy vs. Theology in Late Antiquity and Beyond." 
  • Sept. 24: Jonathan Loopstra, University of Northwestern, "Current research at Hill Museum and Manuscript Library."

Premodern Workshop

Organized by Katherine Pierpont. A workshop broadly devoted to issues of the Premodern world. This workshop meets in Heller Hall 1210 on Fridays at 10 AM CST.

Workshop Schedule:

  • Oct. 29: Jenn Carnell, "An Analysis of Thomasin von Zirclaere." 
  • Oct. 15: Virtual peer review of teaching statements.
  • Oct. 1: Elijah Wallace, "For from that time the power of the Romans has grown in greatness and splendor -- Roman power, Christian unity, and the crisis of the 3rd century."
  • Sept. 17: Chris Saladin, "Cult and Memory at the Roman Tophet."