Job Placement

TwoMGIS students & staff standing together looking at a globe in the Borchert Map Library

Earning your MGIS degree from the University of Minnesota will benefit your career and give you the opportunity to make a real difference in your chosen field.  Whether you use your GIS knowledge to empower communities, plan urban transportation systems, chart evaculation paths, help the environment, increase market share, or pioneer new software applications, as a MGIS graduate, you'll always be in the company of your field's brightest minds and top achievers.

We provide a complete listing of our graduates and their current positions on this page. 

Student Name   Graduation Date Current Position
Mohsen Ahmadkhani May 2023 Doctoral candidate, Geography Department, University of Minnesota
Taylor Andersen-Beaver December 2023 Job search in progress
Ethan Bott December 2023 Wildlife GIS Data Steward, MN IT Services, St. Paul, Minnesota
Alexander Danielson May 2023 GIS Specialist, City of Minneapolis
Jake Ford May 2023 GIS Consulting Senior Associate, ERM, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Rob Hendrickson May 2023 GIS Analyst, Community Air Monitoring Project, City of Minneapolis Health Department
Diego Osorio May 2023 GIS Technician, U-Spatial, University of Minnesota
Erik Sauer May 2023 GIS Tech, GeoComm, St. Cloud, Minnesota
Maochuan Wang December 2023 GIS Support Analyst, Esri, Charlotte, North Carolina
Luke Zaruba December 2023 Geospatial Consultant, Business Insights & Analytics Leadership Development Program, Travelers, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Student Name Graduation Date Current Position
Cole Anderson May 2022 Geospatial Analyst, Taskar Center for Accessible Technology, University of Washington, Seattle; Researcher, IPUMS, University of Minnesota
Emily Cavazos December 2022 GIS Consultant, Center for Urban and Regional Affairs, University of Minnesota
Gene Cheng May 2022 GIS Technician I, GeoComm, Remote
Michael Felzan May 2022 GIS Analyst, RESPEC, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Tom Glancy December 2022 Independent GIS Consultant; Chief Technology Officer at Blue Door Quilting, St. Paul, Minnesota
Douglas Griep May 2022 GIS Analyst, Sentera, St. Paul, Minnesota
Mary Heise December 2022 GIS/Data Analyst Consultant, Environment and Health Site Solutions Division, Ramboll Group
Ali Hossaini December 2022 Geospatial Developer, Polar Geospatial Center, University of Minnesota
Megan Marsolek December 2022 Imagery Scientist, Department of Defense, Springfield, Virginia
Andrew Whalen December 2022 Photogrammetrist/remote sensing analyst, National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, St. Louis, Missouri
Rongxuan Zhu May 2022 Research Analyst, Institute of Urban Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xiamen, China


Student Name   Graduation Date Current Position
Amber Benbow December 2021 Business Analyst, Lions Gift of Sight, University of Minnesota
Liang-Ting (Ryan) Chen August 2021 Analyst, Material Production Center, Ministry of Defense, Taiwan
Nicole Dunn May 2021 GIS Consultant, Environmental Management Resources Group, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Maisong Francis December 2021 GIS Consultant, Environmental Resource Management Group, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota
Cecelia Issac May 2021 GIS Analyst, Andlinger Center for Energy & the Environment, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey
Maggie Mills May 2021 Doctoral Candidate, Geography, Environment & Society, University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Adam Null May 2021 GIS Developer, Boone County, Columbia, Missouri
Lucas Rosen December 2021 Visiting Research Fellow, USDA-GEMS, St. Paul, Minnesota and Brookings, South Dakota
Andrew Van Eps May 2021 UAV GIS Specialist and Project Manager, Sentera, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Yijing Zhou May 2021 Master of Science Candidate in Computer Science, University of Amsterdam & Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Student Name   Graduation Date Current Position
Meric Birol February 2020 GIS Technician, Hennepin County, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Zhuo Chen May 2020 Professional technician, Pudong New Area Construction, Land Affairs Center, Shanghai, China
Anders Hopkins May 2020 Geospatial analyst and manager, US Geological Survey, St.Paul, Minnesota
Sarah Jones January 2020 Administrative Manager, Energy Management, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Xiaoran Li May 2020 Independent GIS consultant, Tianjin, China
Kuan-Jui Lin July 2020 Survey Engineering Officer, Ministry of National Defense, South Korea
Megan Luick May 2020 Geology Resource Assistant, MobilizeGreen/US Forest Service, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Travis Ornsby May 2020 Geospatial instructor, Esri, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Emily Ruetz May 2020 Programs Associate, National States Geographic Information Council, St. Paul, Minnesota
Hannah White May 2020 Data management specialist, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Anchorage, Alaska
Student Name   Graduation Date Current Position
Alysha Alloway December 2019 Digital Transformation Senior Consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton, Richmond, Virginia
Carly Anderson May 2019 Geospatial Analyst and Manager, Visible City, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Han Bao May 2019 Doctoral candidate, Geoinformatics, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa
Ryan Bowe December 2019 Quality Control Team Lead, Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Discipline, Woolpert, Dayton, Ohio
Whitney DeLong May 2019 Conservation Easement & Support Analyst, Lands and Minerals, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, St. Paul, Minnesota
Kathy Dooley May 2019 Physical Scientist, U.S. Geological Survey, St. Paul, Minnesota
Brynn Johnson December 2019 GIS Developer, Minnesota IT Services, St. Paul, Minnesota
Jasper Johnson May 2019 Artificial Intelligence Senior, Mitre Corp., Arlington, Virginia
Alison Link May 2019 Geospatial data analyst, Volpe Center, US Department of Transportation, Boston, Massachusetts
Anna McGraw May 2019 Geospatial Analyst II, Sentera, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Hitomi Nakamura   May 2019 Delivery Consultant, IQGeo, Tokyo, Japan
Venkateswara Navuri   May 2019 GIS Solutions Engineer, 3-GIS, Decatur, Alabama
Young Shin Park December 2019 Research Fellow, CDC Public Health Informatics Fellowship Program, United States
Elise Rosengren    May 2019 GIS Analyst, Geospatial Services, St. Mary's University, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Coleman Shepard    May 2019 Safety Data Fellow, U.S. Department of Transportation, Washington, D.C.
Galen Sjostrom August 2019 Transportation Program Specialist, Minnesota Department of Transportation, St. Paul, Minnesota
Nicholas Stoterau  May 2019 GIS Technician, ProWest, Minnesota
Lauren Strug December 2019 GISTechnical Analyst, Hennepin County, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Erik Thorkelson December 2019 GIS Analyst, SRF Consulting Group, Minneapolis, Minnesota 
Michael Wethington  May 2019 Doctoral candidate, Ecology and Evolution, Stony Brook University, Long Island, New York
Jiateng Xu
May 2019   Product Engineer, Research & Development Center, Esri, Beijing, China
Zhiwei Yan   May 2019   Master of Science candidate, Data Science, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis-St. Paul
Student Name   Graduation Date Current Position
Jake Arndt May 2018 Geospatial Imagery Data Scientist, Geographic Data Science Group, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee
Rebecca Barney May 2018 Cartographer, Marine Chart Division, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Silver Spring, Maryland
Kevin Ehrman-Solberg June 2018 Doctoral candidate, Department of Geography, Environment and Society, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Tobias Fimpel May 2018 GIS Analyst, Enterprise GIS, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Travis Fried May 2018 Pre-doctoral Researcher, Urban Freight Lab, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington
Jacob Hartle May 2018 Support Analyst, Educational Support Services Department​​​​​​, Esri, Redlands, California
Lewei He May 2018 Geographer/GIS Professional, Kaart Group, San Francisco, California
Nicole Helgeson December 2018 GIS Developer, WSB Engineering, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Rachel Hoveland May 2018 Data Analyst, Pheasants Forever, St. Paul, Minnesota
Melisa Larsen December 2018 Independent GIS Consultant, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Cara Leitheiser July 2018 Web GIS Specialist, Oak Ridge Associated Universities, Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Chris Mavis May 2018 Hennepin County Surveyor, Hennepin County, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Dorothy Shreve December 2018 GIS Analyst, Lowe Engineering, Atlanta, Georgia
Megan Sisko December 2018 GIS Analyst, Minnesota Geospatial Information Office, MN.IT, St. Paul, Minnesota
Frank Wagner September 2018 Cartographer, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Bloomington, MN
Meng Wang December 2018 GIS Analyst, Newmark, San Jose, California
Peter Wiringa May 2018 Computing Geospatial Analyst, U-Spatial, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Boxuan Xia December 2018 GIS Technician II, CBRE, Chicago, Illinois
Josh Zoellmer May 2018 Geologist, Kraemer Mining and Materials, Burnsville, Minnesota
Student Name   Graduation Date Current Position
Issa Al Hinai December 2017 GIS Deputy Manager, Muscat Municipality, Oman 
Grant Cooper December 2017 Bridge Data Specialist, Minnesota Department of Transportation, St. Paul, Minnesota
Fartun Dirie May 2017 GIS Analyst, GIS Office, Hennepin County, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Adam Gardner June 2017 GIS Specialist, City of Blaine, Minnesota 
Grace (Johnson) Cooper August 2017 Doctoral Candidate, Department of Geography, Environment and Society, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis 
Ethan Mooar May 2017 Realty Specialist, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Bloomington, Minnesota
Jeremy Moore March 2017 President and Owner, Elevate GIS Solutions, Minneapolis MN and Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Jeff Reinhart May 2017 GIS Application Developer, MN-IT Services, St. Paul, Minnesota
Dylan Richardson December 2017 Software Engineer, Mongo DB, Minnesota
Andrea (Samuelson) Borich May 2017 Groundwater Information Specialist, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, St. Paul, Minnesota
Mitchell Schaps May 2017 GIS Applications Developer, Minnesota Department of Agriculture, St. Paul, Minnesota
Rachel (Stobb) Mitcavish May 2017 Defense Solutions Senior Product Engineer, Esri, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota
Julieann Swanson June 2017 Associate Transportation Planner, Public Works Department, City of Minneapolis, Minnesota
Student Name   Graduation Date Current Position
Colleen Anderson January 2016 Cartographic Technician, Volk FieldUSGS, Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Sara Austin December 2016 Project Manager and Visualization Coordinator, Antea Group, St. Paul, Minnesota
Sarah Belcher May 2016 GIS Instructor, Esri, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Robert Cahalan December 2016 GIS Manager, Midwest Natural Resources, St. Paul, Minnesota
Michael Clementz May 2016 GIS Analyst, Tennant Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Andrea Eglinton May 2016 GIS Specialist, Wright County, Minnesota
Daniel Heins May 2016 UAS Coordinator, Department of Forest Resources, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Geovanna Hinojoza May 2016 Doctoral student, University of Alcala, Madrid, Spain
Katrina (Marklevits) Stroud May 2016 Wildlife Biologist/GIS Specialist, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota
Stephen Peyton May 2016 Frontend Engineer, Arcadia Power, Washington, D.C.
Devon Piernot May 2016 Platform Configuration Engineer, Esri, Eagan, Minnesota
Carl Reim December 2016 Principal Transportation Planning Analyst, Hennepin County, Medina, MN
Sharvari Sangle December 2016 Senior GIS Developer/Data Engineer, SRF Consulting, Loma Linda, California
Teran Smith May 2016 GIS Technician, US Fish and Wildlife Service, St. Paul, Minnesota
Kent Treichel December 2016 Assistant Director, Tax Research, Minnesota Department of Revenue, St. Paul, Minnesota
Student Name   Graduation Date Current Position
Christopher Anderson May 2015 Web Application Developer, RESPEC Consulting and Services, Roseville, Minnesota
Christopher Brink May 2015 GIS Production Specialist/Journeyman Cartographer, East View Geospatial, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Jason Dally April 2015 GIS Technician, CenterPoint Energy, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Yiren Ding August 2015 Graduate Student, Computer Science, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts
David Hill August 2015 Student Program Advisor, Student Unions & Activities, University of Minnesota
Shoumith Jeyakumar May 2015 GIS Support Analyst, Esri, Redlands, California
Thomas Krumel May 2015 Assistant Professor of Economics, North Dakota State University, Fargo, North Dakota
M. Taylor Long May 2015 User Interface Designer, Cornell Lab of Ornithology,  Ithaca, New York
Ryan Mattke May 2015 Head of the John R. Borchert Map Library, University of Minnesota
Maureen McFarlane December 2015 GIS Applications Specialist, Barr Engineering, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Agata Miszczyk May 2015 Senior Solutions Engineer, Commercial - Logistics, Esri, St. Paul, Minnesota
Joseph Mueller May 2015 GIS Coordinator, Minnesota Department of Transportation, St. Paul, Minnesota
Andrew Nelson December 2015 Senior Geospatial Developer, Zartico, Denver, Colorado
Joshua Orness May 2015 Buyer Analyst, nVent, Champlin, Minnesota
Paul Paddock December 2015 Emergency Management Services (GIS), FEMA, Bloomington, Minnesota
Kathryn Purdham May 2015 GIS Coordinator, Nobles County, Minnesota
Andrew Reicks May 2015 GIS Specialist 2, CDM Smith, Chicago, Illinois
Jennifer Reinke December 2015 Developer, Carmichael Lynch, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Kathryn Stinebaugh May 2015 Epidemiologist, Tuberculosis Control Unit, Minnesota Department of Health, St. Paul, Minnesota
Andrew Walz May 2015 GIS and System Engineer, LuminFire, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Kyle Wikstrom May 2015 GIS Solutions Engineer, Pro-West & Associates, Walker, Minnesota
Yiqun Xie September 2015 Assistant Professor, Department of Geographical Sciences, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland
Student Name   Graduation Date Current Position
Corey Betchwars June 2014 Geologic Information Specialist, Minnesota Geological Survey, University of Minnesota
Ben Gosack May 2014 GIS Analyst, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, St. Paul, MN
Tyler Kaebisch December 2014 Project Manager of Geospatial Services, Ayres Associates, Madison, Wisconsin
Teresa Lewandowski May 2014 Web Application Developer, SetSight, Minneapolis, MN and LewiCool Consulting, LLC, St. Paul, Minnesota
Yiwen Li May 2014 GIS Specialist, Montana Tech/Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology, Butte, Montana
Yuanyuan Luo December 2014 Automation Engineer, Oculus, Seattle, Washington
Fukhrudin Maalim May 2014 Freelance Consultant, Web development, data analysis and visualization, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Chris Martin December 2014 Technical Account Manager, Hasura, Boston, Massachusetts
Michael Moore May 2014 Web and GIS Engineer, LuminFire, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Andrew Munsch December 2014 GIS Analyst, University Services, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
Stephen Palka May 2014 Application Support Specialist, MN.IT/MnDOT, St. Paul, Minnesota
Benjamin Post June 2014 Senior Software Engineer, Polaris Industries, Minnesota
Jessica Sweet May 2014 GEOINT Analyst, Maritime Division, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Washington, DC
Molly (Wynia) McDonald May 2014 GIS Coordinator, City of Bloomington, Minnesota
Student Name   Graduation Date Current Position
Gayatri Alapati December 2013 GIS Developer, VNuIT, San Diego, California
Joshua Dunsmoor December 2013 GIS Programmer/Developer, Freeport-McMoRan, Phoenix, Arizona
Mark Ellefson December 2013 Channel Survey Specialist, Stream Habitat Program, Department of Natural Resources, St. Paul, Minnesota
Stephen Gazdik December 2013 GIS Analyst, WSB, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Kari Geurts December 2013 GIS and IT Specialist, Forestry Division, Department of Natural Resources, St. Paul, Minnesota
Kris Johnson December 2013 Research Scientist, Natural Resources Research Institute, Duluth, Minnesota
Brad Johnston December 2013 GIS Specialist, Carver County, Minnesota
Patrick Liddle June 2013 GIS consultant, Durham, North Carolina
Karen Majewicz November 2013 CIC Geospatial Project Metadata Coordinator, Borchert Map Library, University of Minnesota
Chris Matthews December 2013 Director of International Market Analysis, Best Buy, Richfield, Minnesota
James McLees January 2013 Principal GIS Analyst, Scott County, Minnesota
Mike Mommsen December 2013 Senior Software Engineer, DroneBase, Atlanta, Georgia
Jane Mueller December 2013 GIS Director and 911 Coordinator, Beltrami County, Minnesota
Weber Pires de Sa Junior December 2013 Business Development Executive, ENGEMAP Group, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Stephen Shurson December 2013 Landscape Architect, Three Rivers Park District, Plymouth, Minnesota
Matthew Swanson December 2013 Retired Hydrogeologist/Imagery & Geospatial Analyst, Minnesota
Matt Taraldsen May 2013 Supervisory Meteorologist, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency/MNIT, St. Paul, Minnesota
Lucas Winzenburg December 2013 Editor-in-Chief, The Backpacking Journal, Berlin, Germany
Qiushi Zhang December 2013 GIS Analyst, Wuhan City, China
Student Name   Graduation Date Current Position
Jason Andersen June 2012 Web Developer, First Bank, Denver, Colorado
Patrick Baldwin December 2012 GIS Specialist, Flat Rock Geographics, St. Paul, Minnesota
Ben Butzow May 2012 GIS Application Developer, MnDOT Office of Transportation Management Systems, MnIT, Minnesota Department of Transportation, St. Paul
Tom Chambers June 2012 GIS Analyst, Optum Health, Eden Prairie, Minnesota
Keith Erickson January 2012 Geospatial Software Engineer, Digital Globe, Golden, Colorado
Craig Hanson July 2012 GIS Analyst, Data Transfer Solutions, Orlando, Florida
Cole Kelleher December 2012 Cartographer and Support Coordinator, Polar Geospatial Center, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Michael Lau July 2012 Senior Product Engineer, ArcGIS Pro Scene Layers Teams, ESRI, Albany, New York
Anthony Monsour July 2012 Principal GIS Analyst/GIS Developer, Scott County, Minnesota
Alphonce Nicholaus June 2012 GIS Consultant, African Wildlife Foundation, Washington, D.C.
Sean O'Brien May 2012 Business Operations Specialist, U.S. Bank, Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jane Onorati May 2012 GIS Services Coordinator, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, St. Paul, Minnesota
Youseng Park June 2012 Independent GIS Consultant, Seoul, Korea
Chad Sigler May 2012 Investigator, Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms (ATF), St. Paul, Minnesota
Roscoe Sopiwnik May 2012 Senior Environmental Scientist/GIS Specialist, Leonard Rice Engineers, St. Paul, Minnesota
Daniel Sward May 2012 Facility Information Services Manager, University Services, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Zach Tagar November 2012 GIS Project Manager, Israeli Ministry of Health, Jerusalem, Israel
Zeb Thomas August 2012 GIS Data Systems Coordinator, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, St. Paul, Minnesota
Norine Wilczek December 2012 GIS Specialist, Minnesota Department of Transportation, Roseville, Minnesota
Student Name   Graduation Date Current Position
Justin Bakken May 2011 GIS Senior Consultant, Environmental Resource Management (ERM), Minneapolis, Minnesota
Jessica Campbell May 2011 Chief cartographer, Midwest Region, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Oregon
Kelly Carpenter May 2011 GIS Specialist, Barr Engineering, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Cat Geason May 2011 Independent GIS consultant, Minnesota
Tim Gladhill December 2011 Community Development Director, City of Stillwater, Minnesota
Jason Gottfried August 2011 Senior Mobility Planner, HNTB Corporation, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Heather Hegi May 2011 GIS Technician, City of Golden Valley, Minnesota
Daniel Hess May 2011 Independent GIS Consultant, Minnesota
Nhu Hoang May 2011 E-4 Specialist, United States Army
Thomas Juntunen June 2011 GIS Specialist, Polar Geospatial Center, Minneapolis, MN
Don Kilberg December 2011 Senior State Program Administrator, Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources, St. Paul, Minnesota
Kathryn Klatt June 2011 Environmental Data Technician, de maximis Data Management Solutions, St. Paul, Minnesota
John Koenigs December 2011 Help Desk Representative, Cityworks, Azteca Systems, West Bend, Wisconsin
Vikrant Krishna March 2011 Technical GIS Manager, National Grid Renewables, Bloomington, Minnesota
Neha Kulkarni August 2011 Maps Team, Apple, San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Matthew Lindholm December 2011 Admissions Director, Lake Area Discovery Center, Minnesota
Molly Martin May 2011 Data Steward & App Developer, GIS Section, MNIT Services, MN DNR, St. Paul, Minnesota
Bennett Morris May 2011 Geospatial Data Engineer, Built Environment Characterization Group, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee
Ashley Nepp May 2011 GIS Lab Instructor, Macalester College, St. Paul, Minnesota
Noel Peterson May 2011 Senior Software Development Engineer, Professional Services, Esri, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Claire Porter April 2011 Remote Sensing Specialist, Polar Geospatial Center, University of Minnesota
Kerry Ritterbusch May 2011 Data Quality Assurance Analyst, Dohmen Life Science Services, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Prakash Singh January 2011 Lead Software Engineer Digital Catalyst, Pacific Gas & Electric Co., San Francisco, California
Kody Thurnau December 2011 Research Specialist/GIS Coordinator, Minnesota Housing, St. Paul, Minnesota
Maggie Voth May 2011 Project Manager/Biologist, WEST Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota
Student Name   Graduation Date Current Position
Brian Behling September 2010 Senior Software Engineer, Frontsteps, Denver, Colorado
Kyle Chester December 2010 Account Manager, Electric, Gas and Utilities, ESRI, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota
Brendan Dischinger May 2010 Senior GIS DBA, ASRC Federal Vistronix, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas
Tony Drollinger September 2010 Senior Operations Specialist, Esri, Minnesota
Alyssa Erickson May 2010 Analytics and Quality Improvement Strategy Manager, Hennepin County, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Michael Foster December 2010 Carto Curaton Manager, Apple, Cupertino, California
Sara Franck March 2010 Independent GIS Consultant, Minnesota
Kami Gish June 2010 Business Analyst, Delta Airlines E-Commerce Team, Delta Global Staffing, Minnesota
John Hackett January 2010 GIS Analyst, Minnesota Department of Transportation, St. Paul, Minnesota
Drew Hanson May 2010 Associate Planner/GIS Analyst, Puget Sound Regional Council, Seattle, Washington
Eric Hanson December 2010 Senior IT Specialist-GIS, Hennepin County
Brad Herried December 2010 Senior Cartographer, Apple Maps, Apple, Cupertino, California
Yaling Huang May 2010 Independent GIS consultant, Minneapolis, MN
Jenny Immich May 2010 GIS Analyst, City of Boulder, Colorado
Tim Jacobson December 2010 Engineering Manager, Frontier Communications (Remote)
Chiu-Yi Liu August 2010 Project Manager, Lidar Technology Co.
Mark Magnuson July 2010 Doctoral candidate, Karlstads universitet, Sweden
Erik Olson March 2010 Fish and Wildlife Biologist, US Fish and Wildlife Service
Greg Schulz December 2010 Principal GIS Analyst and Solutions Engineer, Cushman and Wakefield, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota
Brian Udell January 2010 Director of Mapping Services, Finley Engineering
David Zehavi June 2010 GIS Data Analyst, Metropolitan Airports Commission, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota
Student Name   Graduation Date Current Position
Nathan Aamot May 2009 Senior GIS Technical Lead, Optum Technology, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Clay Austin December 2009 Senior Software Engineer, KBR, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Thomas Goerger December 2009 Product Engineer, TransUnion, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota
Chacko Jacob December 2009 Vice President of Global Technology and Business Development, Farmers Edge, Calgary, Canada
Rachel Jordan December 2009 Independent GIS Analyst, Montana
Michael Kasel December 2009 Senior GIS Analyst, AudaExplore, Eagan, Minnesota
Len Kne April 209 U-Spatial Director, University of Minnesota
Student Name   Graduation Date Current Position
David Bryson May 2008 Principal Competitive Intelligence Analyst, Splunk, Denver, Colorado
Elizabeth Fairley May 2008 Geospatial Data Seward & Metadata Custodian, Geospatial Agency, Washington DC Metro Area
James Gonsoski November 2008 GIS Specialist, Metropolitan Council, Twin Cities, Minnesota
Kim Gorman December 2008 Senior Project Manager/Operations Manager, TetraTech, Bloomington, Minnesota
Justin Hansen May 2008 Principal, Director of GIS Services, WSB & Associates, Minnesota
Kevin Horne December 2008 GIS Analyst, Minnesota Population Center, University of Minnesota
Erin Kees April 2008 Program Manager, Ancillary Programs Group, Xcel Energy, Minneapolis, Minnesota
James Lind May 2008 GIS Specialist, Barr Engineering, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Andrew Miller December 2008 Engineering Analyst, Dakota Electric Association, Farmington, Minnesota
Anne Morris January 2008 Remediation GIS Analyst, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, St. Paul, Minnesota
Andres Munoz August 2008 GIS Consultant, United Nations, Madrid, Spain
Babajide Odulana September 2008 GIS Analyst, City of Memphis, TN
Nicole Paripovich June 2008 Industry Manager, Consumer Goods and Services, Esri
Zhuo (Joe) Song January 2008 Software Development Manager, Amazon, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota
Jason Thyen August 2008 GIS Coordinator, Maine Turnpike Authority, Portland, Maine
Yongli Xu August 2008 Independent Consultant, West Lafayette, Indiana
Student Name   Graduation Date Current Position
Sara (Dolan) Sanchez December 2007 Product Engineer, ESRI, Redlands, California
Jacqueline Hamilton January 2007 Geologic Information Specialist, MN Geological Survey, Minnesota
Ingibjorg Jakobsdottir June 2007 Senior Consultant, FTI Consulting, New Orleans, Louisiana
Ryan Koehnen December 2007 Senior Software Engineer, de maximis Data Management Solutions, Inc., Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota
Tami Maddio May 2007 GIS Coordinator, IT Dept., City of Eagan, Minnesota
Eric Marquardt September 2007 Agile Coach for National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT), Geospatial Innovation Center, St. Louis, Missouri
Jason Menard March 2007 GIS Data Analyst, Lake Superior Consulting, Bloomington, Minnesota
Nishi Mishra December 2007 Principal Consultant, Locana, Seattle, Washington
Lawrence Peters, Jr. February 2007 Pension Account Technician, Alews Retirement Solutions, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota
Jesse Reinhardt December 2007 GIS Manager, GIS Office, Hennepin County, Minnesota
Ralph Rye December 2007 Computer Software Professional/Consultant, Duluth, Minnesota
Damon Sather July 2007 Senior GIS Analyst, Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), Chicago, Illinois
Lise Schmidt April 2007 Attorney, St. Paul, Minnesota
Tom Swanson December 2007 Chief Enterprise Architect, Office of Innovation and Technology, City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rebecca Vick January 2007 Healthcare Analyst, Research Data Assistance Center, School of Public Health, Twin Cities, Minnesota
Paul Wickman December 2007 Product Director, Telecommunications, VertiGIS, Minnesota
Student Name   Graduation Date Current Position
Mark Andrle January 2006 GIS Specialist, City of New Brighton, New Brighton, Minnesota
Sarun Apichontrakul October 2006 Researcher, Geo-Informatics Center for the Development of NE Thailand, Khon Kaen University, Thailand
Julie Beitler May 2006 Engineering Coordinator, CenterPoint Energy, Minnesota
Thomas Breed January 2006 Software Development Engineer, Amazon Corporation, Minneapolis-St.Paul, Minnesota
Rebecca Colwell May 2006 GIS Manager, Will County, Joliet, Illinois
Hugh Dittrich June 2006 Senior GIS Analyst, U.S. Navy, California
Jessica Fendos May 2006 GIS Supervisor, LOGIS, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Karl Hillstrom June 2006 GIS Specialist, Minnesota Department of Agriculture
Eric Myott May 2006 GIS Analyst, Institute on Metropolitan Opportunity, University of Minnesota
Vinay Nangia October 2006 Team Leader and Senior Hydrologist, International Center for Agricultural Research in Dry Areas (ICARDA), Rabat Prefecture, Morocco
Ganapathy Narayanaraj September 2006 Teaching Professor, Department of Geography, Environment and Society, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Crystal Phillips-Mustain February 2006 GIS Manager, City of Palm Bay, Florida
Jim Platt January 2006 Conservation Data Node Manager, The Nature Conservancy, Minnesota
Chad Riley June 2006 IT Manager, GIS & Software, Carver Co., Minnesota
Jake Schwietering May 2006 Engineering Coordinator, CenterPoint Energy, Minnesota
Jeff Walsh May 2006 Chief Technical Officer & Founder, Whirrx, Cottage Grove, Minnesota
Student Name   Graduation Date Current Position
Cheyee Chen November 2005 Senior GIS Analyst, City of Irvine, California
Jon Michael Engels June 2005 GIS Software Engineer, SSP Innovations LLC, Lakeville, Minnesota
Peter Giencke December 2005 GIS Specialist, Google Inc., Mountain View, California
John Mackiewicz March 2005 Senior GIS Project Manager, WSB & Associates, Minnesota
Manjula Nandiraju January 2005 Business Intelligence Administrator, University of Maryland Community Medical Group, Baltimore, Maryland
Bryan Pittman December 2005 GIS Specialist, WSB Engineering, Golden Valley, Minnesota
Jindong Wu October 2005 Assistant Professor of Geography, California State University, Fullerton
Student Name   Graduation Date Current Position
Andrea Bergman May 2004 IT Supervisor, MN-IT Services partnering with the MN Department of Natural Resources (Ecological & Water Resources and Enforcement Divisions), Minnesota
Robert Bowen June 2004 Professor of Physiology, Truett McConnell University, Georgia
Marcelle Caturia July 2004 Geographer, U.S. Geological Survey, National Geospatial Technical Operations Center, Denver, Colorado
Hsin-Fang Chang August 2004 GIS Analyst, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Jeffery Coate April 2004 GIS Administrator/Web Developer, 3M Transportation Safety Division, Minnesota
Jessica Deegan August 2004 Grant Compliance Manager, City of St. Paul, Minnesota
Stephan Dunning February 2004 Senior Program Director, Optum Labs, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Richard Morey October 2004 Assistant Director (Retired), Surveying and Mapping Section, Office of Land Management, Minnesota Dept. of Transportation
Brian Mueller September 2004 GIS Analyst, Bureau of Land Management, Montana
Viju Thomas   Project Manager, AGCO Corporation, Newton, Kansas
Matthew Vavra August 2004 GIS/Natural Resources Specialist, AMEC Earth & Environmental, Colorado
Student Name   Graduation Date Current Position
Geoffrey Holden December 2003 Forest GIS Coordinator and Resource Information Manager, USDA Forest Service, New Mexico
Shane Pittman September 2003 Supervisor, Spatial Data, Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, British Columbia
Michael Plante September 2003 Lead Hydrogeologist, Leonard Rice Engineers, Inc., St. Paul, Minnesota
Sanjay Rane August 2003 Head of Information Management & Analysis Unit, United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Gaziantep, Turkey
Xiaoting Sun October 2003 Independent GIS Consultant, Minnesota
Suteera Wiseskul February 2003 GIS Specialist, National Pollution Control Agency of Thailand
Fei Yuan July 2003 Professor of Geography, Mankato State University, Minnesota
Student Name   Graduation Date Current Position
Nathan Heinert December 2002 Senior Forecaster/Meteorologist, National Weather Service, Bismarck, North Dakota
Wesley Hellevik February 2002 Technology Coordinator, City of Waseca, Minnesota
Fuad Hudali December 2002 Head of Information and Operations Services Unit, UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), Regional Office for the Syria Crisis, Jordan
Amy Jeu September 2002 GeoScience College Laboratory Technician & Adjunct Lecturer, Dept. of Geography, Hunter College, New York
Vijay Nangia July 2002 Senior Director, Advanced Analytics and Supply Chain Monitoring, Indigo, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Joel Nelson June 2002 Information Technology Specialist – GIS, Soil and Landscape Analysis Lab, Dept. of Soil, Water, & Climate, University of Minnesota
Karin van Ewijk December 2002 Data Scientist, Lim Geomatics Inc., Ottawa, Canada
Student Name   Graduation Date Current Position
Dax Bennett February 2001 Ryan Media, Minnesota
Jay Bennett July 2001 GIS Programmer/Analyst, Center Point Energy Minnegasco, Minnesota
Brian Fischer May 2001 Vice President and Senior GIS Project Manager, Houston Engineering, Minnesota
Wei-Hsin Fu June 2001 GIS Specialist/Lab Instructor, Carleton College, Minnesota
Blaine Hackett June 2001 Director of GIS Business Development, RESPEC Consulting, Roseville, Minnesota
Andrea Swansby August 2001 Director of Information, Financial planning firm, Wisconsin
Nancy Wiens May 2001 GIS Specialist, Center Point Energy Minnegasco, Minnesota
Student Name   Graduation Date Current Position
Victor Barnett May 2000 GIS Specialist for Computer Aided Dispatch & NG 9-1-1 Data, Ramsey County, Minnesota
Shandy Bittle May 2000 State GIS Specialist, USDA/NRCS, Nebraska
Todd Brenningmeyer May 2000 Professor, Design & Visual Art Program, Art History, Maryville University, St. Louis, Missouri
Aimee Donahue June 2000 Independent GIS Consultant, North Branch, Minnesota
Peter Henschel May 2000 GIS Supervisor, Carver County, Minnesota
Daphne Karypis June 2000 Impact & Communications Technology Manager, American Refugee Committee, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Jeffrey Matson June 2000 GIS Project Coordinator, Minneapolis Neighborhood Information System, Minnesota
Sandra Paddock June 2000 Information Technology Consultant, Pearson VUE, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Jason Seifert August 2000 GIS Coordinator, Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, Juneau, Alaska
Brian Sorbel June 2000 GIS Specialist, National Park Service, Alaska
Sathyan Srinivasan January 2000 Senior Program Manager, Intel Corporation, Chandler, Arizona
Student Name   Graduation Date Current Position
Sonja Johnson December 1999 Web Analyst/Project Manager, US Bank Corporation, Minnesota
Aaron Timbo December 1999 Senior Cloud Engineer, Smart Things, Minneapolis, Minnesota