Colin Bracewell Named Recipient of Music Forward Affinity Plus Scholarship

Colin Bracewell

Congratulations to School of Music student Colin Bracewell for winning the $5,000 Music Forward - Affinity Plus Scholarship. Bracewell was one of six students across the nation selected to earn a Music Forward Scholarship. Bracewell is currently studying vocal performance at the School of Music, and is also pursuing a marketing degree. 

“The scholarship came as a complete surprise, and I am so excited and grateful to be able to dedicate my time and energy to my love of music and begin working on larger projects,” Bracewell said, “A lot of my time and money must be dedicated to growing my music career, and the Affinity Plus Scholarship makes this possible. I hope to eventually give back and support the communities that have helped me along the way.”

The Music Forward Scholarship is presented in partnership with Live Nation, and is intended to support students studying music industry-related degrees. The Affinity Plus Scholarship is a dedicated award from Minnesota-based Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union, the marquee sponsor of Live Nation’s Fillmore Minneapolis venue, designated for Minnesota college students pursuing a career related to the music industry. Recipients were selected based on academic performance, leadership skills, and a passionate commitment to the entertainment industry. 

For more information on the Music Forward Scholarship, visit this page. To learn more about Colin Bracewell’s music, see his website.

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