Camaraderie and Community

Aarohi Shah wears a blue floral print dress and gold necklace

Human physiology major Aarohi Shah defines the happiness she’s discovered in CLA as simply, “giving more than what we take.” As the college prepares for the largest commencement ceremony in university history, Shah is also preparing to give back—serving as this year’s undergraduate student speaker.

What is your favorite college memory?

My favorite memory from college was decorating the CLA Homecoming float alongside my friends in the CLA Student Board! We had the opportunity to walk in the Homecoming parade, and it was an experience filled with so much joy and camaraderie! 

How would you describe your time in your major?

Human beings are dynamic and complex, and I am grateful for the opportunity to study Human Physiology. I have always had an interest in the mechanisms behind our existence, and physiology has satisfied this natural curiosity. I have truly enjoyed my experience and can say with confidence that my classes were fun! From dissecting a cadaver to making banana oil, I have been able to develop a deeper understanding of the beautiful machine that is the human body. Beyond this, my physiology courses have introduced me to the intricacies of learning. The freedom to actively invest in my curiosity for physiology when I started my educational journey at UMN meant superficial learning ceased and real learning commenced. 

What have you learned about yourself during your time in CLA?

My time in CLA has been filled with nothing but learning. The uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic followed by a transition back into our University’s new normal has taught me that I thrive most when amongst my community. I have learned that I flourish in a culture of celebration for the everyday moments and a community that is committed to uplifting each other. 

My CLA community has reinforced the importance of kindness and mutual respect regardless of different backgrounds or beliefs. I have learned how I want to lead my life moving forward. The sense of support and safety I received throughout my CLA experience has helped me understand the impact of creating an inclusive space. My community has taught me the path to happiness: giving more than what we take. I will continue to embody this energy throughout my journey. 

What's next for you? What are your post-graduation plans?

I will be attending the University of Minnesota Medical School in the Twin-Cities!

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