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Gains in undergraduate student diversity

CLA reaches all-time highs in student diversity
September 4, 2019

In fall 2018, the undergraduate African American student population in CLA exceeded 1000 students for the first time, with 1,040 students. That number represented an improvement of 38% since fall 2014. Hispanic student enrollment reached 670 students, up 44% since fall 2014. Asian student enrollment increased 20% over that time period, to nearly 1,610 students. And American Indian student enrollment was at about 225, an improvement of 9%. Thank you to everyone who works hard to recruit and retain American Indian students and students of color in CLA, a key objective of the CLA Roadmap. Note: the counts in this post are based on University data on students’ self-identified primary race or ethnicity, including when multiple-racial/ethnic designations were selected.