Graduate Students

Name Department Areas of Interest Advisor/s
Anya Badaldavood Musicology Musical Instruments, Manuscripts, Timurid Dynasty Gabriela Currie
Kara Barker History Marriage and Gender; Europe, Early Modern and Modern Anna Clark
Sam Berk-Hinckley Classical and Near Eastern Religions and Cultures The Aeneid, Narrative Structure Spencer Cole
Clara Biesel English Early Modern, Shakespeare Katherine Scheil
Adam Borrego History of Science, Technology & Medicine Alchemy, 16th -17th Centuries, Robert Fludd, Religion and Science Jole Shackelford
Katelyn Buis Theatre Historiography Archival Practice, Performance of Memory, Philology, Linguistics Margaret Werry
Rachel Cartwright Anthropology Viking Identity, Migration Peter Wells
Fikri Cicek History Early Modern, Ottoman Empire, Mediterranean World. Dissertation: "The Many Worlds of a Mediterranean Family: The Fortunes of House of Ma’n in the Age of Ottoman Crisis" Giancarol Casale
Sarah Cowan English, MA Medieval and Early Modern  
Loren Cowdery History Ancient History, Roman Colonization, Iberia Andrew Gallia
Jeffrey Cross Classical and Near Eastern Religions and Cultures Revision and Reuse in Jewish literary work, 330 BCE - 70 CE Bernard Levinson
Tanner Deeds History Early Modern Europe, Reformation, Environmental History, Preaching Howard Louthan
Cihan Demir History Early Modern, Europe Howard Louthan
Emily Finck Theater Historiography    
Luke Freeman History Early Modern Europe, Netherlands, Printing, Religion, Bernard and Picart's Cermonies and Customs of all the Religions of the World JB Shank
Sara Gardner Spanish and Portuguese Medieval Iberia, Jewish Culture, Food Studies Michelle Hamilton
Isabel Gellert History Early Modern China, Early Modern Spain, 17th Century, Women Writers Ann Waltner, Sarah Chambers
James Gresock History Early Modern Europe, Violence. Dissertation: “From Bloodshed to Broadsheet: Visual Narratives of Justice and the Mediation of Meaning in 17th Century Public Executions” Howard Louthan
Emily Groepper German, Nordic, Slavic, and Dutch   James Parente, Jr.
Rushika Hage History Medieval Europe, Portolan Charts  
Benjamin Hansen History Late Antique & Medieval Europe, Religious and Social History, Christian Communities of Palestine Umayyad Caliphate (c. 650-750) Andrea Sterk
Clare Harmon Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature Dante, Anthropocene, Race, Poetry, Art and Scholarship  
Margaret Heeschen English Old English, Norse Mythology, Mounds Andrew Scheil
Jason Herbert History Early America, American Indian Studies, Florida Indians and Livestock Husbandry David Chang
Robert Hultgren Spanish and Portuguese Medieval Iberian Literature, Moriscos, Literature and Religion Michelle Hamilton
Stephan Knott History Medieval Mediterranean, Frankish Greece Michael Lower
Alexandra Leong Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature Aesthetic Emotions, Cognition Tony C. Brown
Alex Magnolia History Medieval Europe, Byzantium, Patriarch of Constantinople, Nicholas Mystikos (r. 901-907, 912-925). Andrea Sterk
Fade Manley Classical and Near Eastern Religions and Cultures Roman Comedies, Slavery, Sex Work, Social Interaction. Dissertation: "Social Interactions Among Slaves and Sex Workers in Plautus" Nita Krevans
Ben Obernolte French and Italian Medieval, French Pastorals Susan Noakes
Samira Musleh Communication Studies Women's Labor, Reproductive Labor, Wages for Household Labor Kate Lockwood Harris
Ashley Patton Art History Sculpture and Graphic Arts, 16th and 17th centuries, Europe Steven Ostrow
Sarah Pawlicki History Early America  
Gabriale Payne History Africa, Gender, and Cultural Practice Helena Pohlandt-McCormick
Kelly Plevniak Anthropology Early Medieval England, Ironwork, Craft and Community Peter Wells
Elizabeth Quillen History Medieval Europe, Gascony, French and English colonization Michael Lower, Kathryn Reyerson
Kyle Riper English Early Modern, Emotion and Literature  
Christopher Saladin History Ancient History, Carthage, Mapping Andrew Gallia
Thiago Santana Spanish and Portuguese Early Modern Latin America, Literature, Poetry  
Tony Shin History Early Modern, Ottoman and Habsburg Intellectual History Howard Louthan, Giancarlo Casale
Hannah Smith History Early America, Gender, Midwifery, Power and Pregnancy Kirsten Fischer
Heather Sommer History Early America, Royalism and Republicanism. Dissertation: “Founding Monarch: Louis XVI, Royalism, and Republicanism in Early America, 1775–1800” Kirsten Fischer
Karen Soto English Old English, Old Norse, Anglo-Latin, Film Studies Andrew Scheil
Jesse Stratton English Old English and Early Middle English Andrew Scheil
Andrew Stoebig Musicology Early Modern Europe. Dissertation: “Et in Arcadia sumus: Oratorio and German-Italian Exchange in the Long Seventeenth Century” Kelley Harness
Sultan Toprak Oker History Early Modern, Ottoman Empire, Alcohol Giancarlo Casale
Kate Tuley History Medieval, Mediterranean, Networks, Social Relationships Michael Lower
Ana Joanna Vergara Sierra History Early Modern, Latin America, Caribbean, Exile, Wars of Independence Sarah Chambers
Jan Volek History Late Medieval, Early Modern Europe, Religion, Lay Practice Howard Louthan
Andrea Waldrep English Old English, Medieval Studies Andrew Scheil
Elijah Wallace History Late Roman and Medieval Europe, Military and Political History Andrea Sterk
Heather Wares History Africa, Maritime Spaces and Whiteness, African Understandings of Oceans and Coastal Spaces, Museums and Heritage Helena Pohlandt-McCormick
Hannah Wiepke Art History Early Modern Europe, History of the Book, Book Materiality, Science & Knowlege Michael Gaudio
Javier Zapata Claveria Spanish and Portuguese Early Modern, Literature, and Sound Studies. Dissertation: "Donde todo triste ruido hace su habitación: Regímenes acústicos y cartografías sonoras en Don Quijote de La Mancha" ("Where all sad noise makes its room: Acoustic Regimes and Sound Cartographies in Don Quijote de La Mancha") Nicholas Spadaccini and Raul Marrero-Fente