Research Affiliates

Name Contact Research Interests

Jennifer Awes-Freeman

United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities Role of images and material culture in religious meaning making during Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages, art and theology, iconoclastic acts
Marie Balsley Taylor Indigenous leaders, New England missionary writings
Justin Biel Modern Britain, Colonialism, History of Secularism, Enlightenment Studies
Francesca Bortoletti Renaissance Studies, Theater Studies, Memory Studies, Cultural Heritage, Italian Studies, Early Modern History, Performance Studies

Kent Cao

Duke University & Duke Kunshan University East Asian art and archaeology, Chinese bronzes and bronze revivalism, technology transmission

Jennifer Carnell

Hill Museum & Manuscript Library Medieval German language and literature, manuscript studies

Mario Cossio Olavide 13th- and 14th-century encyclopedic Castilian prose, and digital humanities applied to textual edition

Jennifer Easler

University of Providence, Montana Prophecy and poetry, Early Modern reception of classical texts, Latin
Ruchen Gao Northern China, social networks, trade, education, early modern and modern history

Jonas Gardsby

University of Wisconsin - Green Bay Essayist, History of the essay, Environmental humanities
Theodore Greenfield  
Stefano Gulizia  

Brian Hanson

Bethlehem College & Seminary Early Modern England, English Reformation, Early Modern Households, Political Rebellion, Renaissance Humanism, and the History of Religious Toleration.

Betsy Howard

Bethlehem College Victorian and Early Modern Studies, poetry and elegy, periodicals

Nicole Labouff

Minneapolis Institute of Art Early modern Europe, history of science, art history, prints, embroidery, gender history, domestic spaces
Miguel Llanos de la Guardia  
Nathan Weaver Olson  
Noam Ezra Sienna Jewish book culture, Mediterranean and North African Studies, religion and museums

Emma Snowden

Hollins University Medieval history, Iberia and North Africa, cultural interaction (religious, linguistic, and ethnocultural)

Linda Sturtz

Macalester College Early Modern Atlantic World
Amanda Taylor Late medieval and early modern English and Italian literature, arms and armor, fencing treatises, and medical texts

Natalia Vargas Marquez

DePauw University Global early modern world, with an emphasis in Latin America; nature, landscapes, and non-human animals; critiques of coloniality and imperialism; indigenous artists
Travis Wilds Literary theory, history of science, cultural history, animal studies, biopolitics

Mai Yamaguchi

Minneapolis Institute of Art Japanese and Korean art, visual literacy and Japanese book culture