Affiliated Faculty


Name Contact Minor Affiliation Research Interests
Patricia Ahearne-Kroll   Judaism in Egypt during Ptolemaic and early Roman periods, Jewish-Greek literature, religious practice in Ptolemaic Egypt
Stephen Ahearne-Kroll   Historical and critical study of the New Testament in relation to the religious culture of the ancient Mediterranean world

Jennifer Alexander History of Science, Technology, and Medicine   Modern industrial/technological culture; science, technology, and religion; history of engineering; technology and the body; historiography; modern Europe, modern US

Elaine Auyoung English   19th-century British literature, the novel, psychology of reading, aesthetics

Bernard S. Bachrach History



Early Angevin history, Fulk Nerra, medieval Europe before 1200, medieval military, Renaissance

Victor D. Boantza History of Science, Technology, and Medicine Early Modern Early modern physical sciences, Enlightenment science, the scientific and chemical revolutions

Timothy Brennan

Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature   Intellectual history; cultural and political theory; the Marxist and phenomenological traditions; the avant-gardes, comparative and world literature, theories of colonialism and imperialism, problems of translation, and popular music

Tony Brown

Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature Early Modern Philosophy, literary, aesthetic and political theory, Enlightenment philosophy and anthropology, statelessness, the new world, the South Pacific, colonial and postcolonial literature and theory

Giancarlo Casale

History Early Modern Islamic World, Ottoman Empire, Pre-Modern and Early Modern World History

Sinem Casale

Art History Early Modern Islamic art

Cesare Casarino

Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature   Philosophy, cinema, literature, queer theory

Sarah Chambers

History Early Modern Colonial Latin America; Gender, Cultural, and Legal History

David Chang

History Early Modern Race and Nationalism, American Indian, Native Hawaiian, and 19th and 20th Century United States

Juliette Cherbuliez

French & Italian

Early Modern


17th-century literature and culture, theater studies 

Gabriela Currie

Music Medieval / Early Modern Medieval music theory, intersections between music and scientific thought in the early and premodern eras

Andrew Elfenbein

English Early Modern British literature and history, 1700-1900; reading and cognition; queer theory; linguistics

Lianna Farber

English Medieval

Medieval literature and thought


Ana Paula Ferreira

Spanish & Portuguese Studies; Chicano & Latino Studies   Decolonial Studies of Lusophone Literatures and Cultures; "Race" and Coloniality in the Global Portuguese and Spanish South; Women, Feminisms and Late Empire/Post empire

Kirsten Fischer


Early Modern


Colonial and Revolutionary America, United States, and Social and Intellectual

Andrew Gallia

History; Classical & Near Eastern Religions & Cultures   Ancient History

Michael Gaudio

Art History

Early Modern


Visual arts in the early modern Atlantic world

Katharine Gerbner

History Early Modern Atlantic World, Early America, Comparative Early Modern, Caribbean, Religion, and Race

Jessica Gordon-Roth

Philosophy Early Modern History of early modern philosophy, feminist philosophy

Anna Graber

Earth Sciences Early Modern History of earth science and natural history; Enlightenment science; history of mining and metallurgy; science and empire; modern and early modern Russia

Daniel Greenberg

Art History Early Modern East Asian art

Ryan Greenwood

Law School Library Medieval Medieval Roman law, Magna Carta

Michelle Hamilton

Spanish & Portuguese Studies Medieval / Early Modern Cultural contact in medieval Iberia, Hebrew and Arabic cultures of Europe, religious studies and philosophies

Kelley Harness

Music Early Modern Musicology / Ethnomusicology

Katherine Hayes

Anthropology Early Modern Historical archaeology, memory, forgetting, history, heritage, colonialism in North America, ceramic analysis, material culture studies

Christopher Isett

History Early Modern Post-War East Asian Political Economies, Global and Post-War Capitalism, East Asia's Cold War, Comparative Economic History, Agrarian, and 18th–20th Century China

Jeanne Kilde

Religious Studies   Theory and method in religious studies, religion in America, religious space and architecture

Michal A. Kobialka

Theater Arts & Dance Medieval / Early Modern Eastern European theater, theater historiography, medieval theater

Nita Krevans

Classical & Near Eastern Religions & Cultures Medieval Greek and Latin poetry, Hellenistic literature, history of the book

Rebecca Krug

English Medieval / Early Modern Late medieval literature, religion, culture, women's studies

Dwight K. Lewis, Jr.

Philosophy Early Modern History of early modern philosophy, philosophy of race, and Africana philosophy, with a focus on the philosophy of Anton Willhelm Amo (c.1700-c.1750)

Anatoly Liberman

German, Scandinavian & Dutch Medieval Folklore, historical phonology and the origin of words, Scandinavian mythology, languages and literatures of the Middle Ages

Howard Louthan

History Early Modern Early Modern Europe; Central Europe; Cultural, Intellectual, and Religious History

Michael Lower

History Medieval Medieval Mediterranean, the Crusades, Christian/Muslim relations, North Africa

Nabil Matar

English Early Modern Early modern Euro-Islamic contacts, 17th century British religious literature

Raúl Marrero-Fente

Spanish & Portuguese Studies Early Modern Trans-Atlantic studies, colonial Latin American literature and culture, early modern Spanish literature and culture, colonial and post-colonial studies, global studies, feminist and gender studies, critical race studies, human rights, law and literature

Steven Matthews

History (University of Minnesota, Duluth) Early Modern History of Christianity, history of science

Mary Jo Maynes

History   Modern Germany, European Social, and Women

Stuart McLean

Anthropology   Anthropology of modernity, social and cultural theory, historical anthropology, Ireland, European Union

Michael Bennett McNulty

Philosophy Early Modern Kant, history and philosophy of science, history and philosophy of mathematics

Susan Noakes

French & Italian Medieval / Early Modern Banking and economics in medieval literature, the global Middle Ages

Jean O'Brien

History Early Modern Colonial American and Native American

Steven Ostrow

Art History Early Modern Early Modern European Art, 1600-1750

James Parente

German, Nordic, Slavic & Dutch Medieval / Early Modern Renaissance, Reformation, and Baroque literature and culture; medieval, German, Netherlandic, and Scandinavian literature and culture

Zozan Pehlivan

History   Environmental history, Middle East, Modern Muslim World, Ottoman Empire and Ottoman Kurdistan

Marguerite Ragnow

James Ford Bell Library; CPS Director of Publications Medieval / Early Modern Medieval history and early modern world trade

Kathryn Reyerson

History Medieval / Early Modern Medieval Europe, Mediterranean Europe, medieval France, social and economic history

Matthias Rothe

German, Nordic, Slavic & Dutch   18th-century political philosophy; philosophical and literary presentability of economic practices; Brechtian and contemporary theater

Jennifer Row

French & Italian Early Modern Early modern theater and dance studies, queer and feminist theory, disability studies, history of sexuality

Nida Sajid

Asian & Middle Eastern Studies Early Modern South Asian Literature (Hindi-Urdu); Muslim Cultures of South Asia; Intellectual History and Paracolonial Networks; Global Eighteenth Century; Human Rights and Transnationalism; Gender, Caste and Religion in South Asia; Material Culture and Dress Studies

Arun Saldanha

Geography Early Modern Race, colonialism, tourism, ethnography, feminist theory, Marxism, continental philosophy

Andrew Scheil

English Medieval Anglo-Saxon language and literature, literatures of late antiquity/early Middle Ages

Katherine Scheil

English Early Modern Shakespeare, early modern lit, theatre, women writers, history of reading, 18th c lit

Daniel Schroeter

History Early Modern Jewish, North African, and Mediterranean

Anna L. Seastrand

Art History Early Modern South Asian art

Jole Shackelford

History of Science, Technology & Medicine Medieval / Early Modern Early Modern European science and medicine, history of Paracelsianism

JB Shank

History Early Modern Early Modern Europe, France, European Intellectual, and History of Science

Anurag Sinha

Political Science Early Modern Modern political thought

Andrea Sterk

History Medieval Ancient and Medieval Christianity, Late Antiquity, Byzantine History

Rachel Trocchio

English Early Modern 17th- through 19th-century American literature, puritan studies, early modern studies, religion and cognition

Eva von Dassow

Classical & Near Eastern Religions & Cultures   Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Akkadian and Ugaritic

Ray Wakefield

German, Scandinavian & Dutch Medieval Medieval German culture, medieval mystics, Dutch, manuscript culture

Ann Waltner

History Early Modern Traditional China

John Watkins

English Medieval / Early Modern Medieval and early modern diplomacy, premodern political culture, classical and medieval origins of the Renaissance

Peter Wells

Anthropology Medieval Material culture, visual representation, European prehistory, Roman and early medieval periods, ancient Germans and Celts

Thomas Wolfe

History   European Union, Soviet Union, History of Media and Communications, and Pragmatism

Travis Workman

Asian & Middle Eastern Studies   Korean literature, film, and intellectual history; state violence and historical memory; melodrama; nationalism; humanism and its critiques

Amit Yahav

English Early Modern 18th century, the novel, aesthetics, theory