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Photo of a young Korean-American girl looking at the camera as she leans over a railing

To Want the Tough Conversations

Psychology professor Richard Lee studies family dynamics in the United States, and in particular families who have internationally adopted Korean children. He has noticed one thing in particular—that parents “really had a hard time knowing how to talk about ethnic and racial differences in the family,” he says, “and how to help their kids deal with the racism in society that they’re going to encounter, and are encountering.”
Portrait: Dawn Montez

Carrying Her Own Freight

Dawn Montez (BA '91, psychology) attributes her entrepreneurial success to creative, idiosyncratic resourcefulness. At first, Montez didn’t know the first thing about freight management—she acquired MBA skills on the job to build her own freight brokerage firm.
Tim & Diane Madden

Partnering for Change

Diane Madden (PhD '90, education administration) and Tim Madden (BA '74, speech communication, JD '77) employ 3,000 people and serve more than 2,000 residents nationwide, providing residential housing for persons with disabilities. When the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled in 1974 that people with mental disabilities were entitled to live in residential group homes, they started their service from scratch.