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Our PhD program is consistently ranked among the top ten PhD training programs in the nation and throughout the world.

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What sets our program apart?

We are a diverse department with strong programs in both basic and applied fields. To accommodate this diversity, our program incorporates seven different areas of specialization and students apply directly to one of these seven areas depending on their individual interests. While there is a common core of expertise taught across areas, there is considerable specialized knowledge and skill developed within each area as well. New students begin working with faculty on collaborative research during their very first semester. Our goal is to produce highly accomplished scholars and researchers who can function at a high level in a variety of occupational roles.

It's an exciting time to be in psychology! New areas of research and application are being developed across the entire spectrum at an ever increasing rate. Their implications for increasing the understanding, prediction, and enhancement of human behavior are of the utmost importance. New students become part of this enterprise, with full financial and faculty support.


Current students:
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