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Image of a woman's legs running, used in a WW ad

The New Weight Watchers

Research from Traci Mann, professor of psychology, is included in this article about the rebranding of Weight Watchers. Now named WW, the company claims to want to shift its focus away from dieting and more toward wellness. Critics say it's diet culture in disguise.
Li Wang and Chun Wang sitting in front of a blackboard, hand in hand

On Purpose: Portrait of Psychology

Now in our hundredth year, the Department of Psychology, founded in 1917, has been the academic home of many illustrious faculty members including Ellen Berscheid, Irv Gottesman, David Lykken, Paul Meehl, Donald Patterson, B.F. Skinner, and Auke Tellegen. We rank among the top ten psychology departments in the US and have the largest number of undergraduate majors at the University of Minnesota.

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