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Professor Ones with her intellectual family

mPerf: Measuring Workplace Performance Is Just the Beginning

It is not inconceivable that future high school students won’t have to take the SAT or the ACT, says Professor Deniz Ones. They’ll download some apps on their mobile devices, link their wearable sensors, and let colleges collect data for a couple of months. Ones is a member of the mPerf research team, conducting a multimillion dollar project about using data from wearable sensors to predict and measure workplace performance. It could have far-reaching impacts for all workplace and educational assessments.
Mark Thomas

UMN researchers creating vaccine to prevent opioid addiction

While researchers aren’t sure of all the causes of opioid addiction, the brain’s reward center and dopamine play a large role, said Mark Thomas, University associate professor and member of the executive committee of the University’s Medical Discovery Team on addiction. There are some “tools” doctors use to help opioid addiction, but the vaccine could be more effective and longer-lasting, Thomas said.

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