Minor in Religious Studies

The minor in religious studies provides students in other majors to acquire some expertise in the critical study of religion. The minor requires five courses, with a minimum of 15 3xxx-5xxx level credits, configured as indicated below.

How to Apply

Students should contact RELS Director of Undergraduate Studies, Jeanne Kilde, at jkilde@umn.edu to apply.


  • RELS 3001¬†Theory and Methods in the Study of Religion (3 credits), or an equivalent approved by the director of undergraduate studies.
  • Four more courses at or above the 3xxx-level, in which the study of religion or religion in its socio-cultural context serves as a primary focus (minimum 12 credits).

Note: The purpose of the religious studies minor is to expose students to a diversity of religious traditions; therefore, at least two traditions must be represented among these four courses.

  • All courses must be taken A/F (no S/N grades)
  • All minor courses must be graded C- or higher, with a minimum GPA in the minor of 2.0
  • Transfer students must take at least three of the five courses at the University of Minnesota (or with U of M residence credits for study abroad)
  • Final clearance from the director of undergradute studies¬†is required prior to graduation.
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