Words to Work Book Club & Conversation Series

Words to Work Book Club and Conversation Series

Transformational Conversations: Mobilizing and Driving a Just University

The RIDGS Center and the Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is launching a series of book clubs and conversations.

This program invites CLA faculty members, staff, undergrads, graduate students and CLA alumni to join a book club to read, discuss, and annotate together, and then to convene one public conversation.

This public book conversation is open to all members of the CLA and University community. Book club members will use this public event to introduce the book, share about the nature of their private book club conversations, and explore how the book and conversations are informing their self-work and racial equity group work in and beyond the College. Members will receive $200 when they complete the program.

Watch here to apply to future clubs (every ~2 months)