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Speech Science and Disorders

  • Speech development
    Dr. Benjamin Munson conducts speech development research at Munson Lab as part of the Learning to Talk research program.
  • Speech perception
    Dr. Yang Zhang has multiple research focuses at Zhang Lab, one of which is speech perception research. 
    Dr. Evelyn Davies-Venn's research in the Sensory Aids and Perception Lab seeks to find behavioral and physiological factors that are responsible for variance in treatment outcomes for individuals with hearing loss.
  • Stuttering
    Dr. Jayanthi Sasisekaran directs the Speech Fluency Lab where her speech-related research focuses on stuttering.

Language Science and Disorders

  • Child language
    Dr. Lizbeth Finestack directs the Child Language Intervention Lab where she focuses on child language research.
  • Language acquisition
    Dr. Yang Zhang leads language acquisition research at Zhang Lab.
  • Phonological Disorders
    Dr. Benjamin Munson studies phonological disorders at Munson Lab as part of the Learning to Talk research program.
  • Phonological encoding and monitoring
    In addition to stuttering, Dr. Jayanthi Sasisekaran studies phonological encoding and monitoring in fluent and disfluent speakers, as well as dual task processing, at the Speech Fluency Lab.

Hearing Science and Disorders

  • Auditory processing disorders
    At the Davis Center, Dr. Mark DeRuiter collaborates with clinical specialists, including Dr. Sarah Angerman, on clinically-focused research in auditory processing disorders in children and adults. Call 612-624-3322 to learn more.
  • Cochlear implants and hearing aids
    Dr. Yang Zhang studies cochlear implants and hearing aids at Zhang Lab.
  • Hearing loss
    As part of the Understanding Hearing Loss lab group, Dr. Peggy Nelson seeks to understand the experience of listeners with hearing loss in realistic environments and with sensory aids.
  • Psychoacoustics and Audiology Diagnosis
    Dr. Bert Schlauch's research is to improve the precision of audiologic diagnostic tests and to understand the perceptual consequences of hearing loss. Learn more at the Schlauch Hearing Research Lab.

Interdisciplinary Research

  • Auditory and language processing correlates
    Dr. Sarah Angerman evaluates the relationship between a person's auditory processing skills and speech-language abilities at the Davis Center.
  • Brain imaging and autism research
    On top of his research in speech, language, and hearing disorders, Dr. Yang Zhang does brain imaging and autism research at Zhang Lab.
  • Social communications and autism spectrum disorder
    At the Culture and Early Social Communication Lab, Dr. Sheri Stronach investigates typical and atypical social communication development across cultures. She studies the early identification of and intervention for autism spectrum disorder as well as strategies for training professionals to screen for autism. Her research is currently focusing on technology-enhanced early autism intervention. Contact Dr. Stronach to learn more.
  • Sociolinguistic variation
    Along with his other Learning to Talk research projects, Dr. Benjamin Munson studies the acquisition and processing of socially meaningful linguistic variation with a focus on variation used to convey and perceive gender and sexuality.