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As a speech-language-hearing science (SLHS) major, you will acquire a background in human communication that includes the production and understanding of speech and language. You will also gain real-world experience from healthcare professionals.

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Understand the world and yourself better

The BA in speech-language-hearing sciences offers a broad liberal arts education in an interdisciplinary field of study. Majoring in SLHS is an excellent pathway to a career in healthcare, education, marketing, business, or non-profit administration. Our major is also an excellent foundation for graduate programs—and we have one of the best four-year graduation rates in the college.

What can you do with a major in speech-language-hearing sciences?

The SLHS major provides a strong foundation in science while allowing you to develop analytical and interpretive skills, become an effective communicator, work effectively in a team, and understand human nature and culture. These skills are springboards to a wide variety of careers and will prepare you for a lifetime of continuous learning.

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