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Our Commitment

Photo of kids posing with Goldy Gopher

Photo of kids posing with Goldy Gopher
Kids met a certain campus celebrity during their week at camp

Members of the Department of Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences are committed to sharing their expertise. Our faculty, staff, and students are engaged with many different communities, including those on campus, in the Twin Cities, in greater Minnesota, and across the world. Our outreach activities are an important part of both our education and service mission.

  • UMN Initiatives:
    • The University of Minnesota has initiated interdisciplinary projects that address topics related to stuttering, autism and early language development.
  • Community Partnerships:
    • SLHS partners with schools, businesses, community and professional organizations, and some international universities.
  • Faculty Service
    • The SLHS faculty and clinical specialists are actively engaged in service to the community, locally, nationally and internationally. 
    • Visit their profiles to learn about individual contributions to engagement.
  • Student Involvement
    • Students have many opportunities to engage with the community through their undergraduate and graduate coursework and extracurricular activities:
      • Service Learning
        • Our undergraduate major offers a unique opportunity for service learning in the major project course.
      • Student Organizations
        • Undergraduate and Graduate students who are members of SAA and NSSHLA often participate in fund-raising activities.  
        • The NSSLHA chapter at the U of MN coordinates social, professional, and volunteer opportunities for students.  
        • Members attend monthly meetings and provide input to the NSSLHA officers, who are responsible for organizing NSSLHA events throughout the academic year.  
        • Information about the U of MN NSSLHA chapter is available through the chapter's Facebook page.
      • Bi-Lingual and Multicultural Program
        • This program is designed for students to engage with various cultural and linguistic groups in the community as part of certificate requirements.
      • Special Olympics
        • Every year, faculty and graduate students participate in hearing screenings at state-level competitions.
      • Stuttering Camp
      • Minnesota Connect, Aphasia Now (MnCAN)
        • ​​​​​​​This organization partners with the University of Minnesota - undergraduate and graduate students work with persons with aphasia to develop effective conversation strategies.
        • The group's emphasis is a social model rather than a medical model.