Career Exploration

From internships to community engagement to research opportunities, there are a number of options for graduate students to gain real-world experience.


Graduate students are encouraged to gain real-world experience as part of their statistical training. Internships provide students with an opportunity to develop core competencies associated with CLA’s Career Readiness initiative, preparing them for successful careers after graduation. To assist in this endeavor, the School of Statistics continuously seeks out partnerships with companies that allow students to apply cutting-edge data science techniques and statistical methodologies to address business needs. 

Organizations & Community Engagement

Statistics in the Community (STATCOM) is a student-run volunteer group where undergraduate students can learn the art and science of statistical consulting. Their mission is to provide free statistical consulting to local nonprofit, governmental, and community service organizations by engaging students in voluntary, service-oriented statistical consulting and leadership. STATCOM strives to develop interdisciplinary communication and collaboration and provide outreach to increase understanding and acceptance of statistics in our community. Find out more about STATCOM events and volunteer opportunities

Research Opportunities

Collaborations with other units are possible through faculty-sponsored projects and students who wish to work a semester with the school's institute as a consultant. Please contact the director of graduate studies for more information.