Statistics Courses

The School of Statistics is committed to preparing students to be successful in a data-driven world. We offer a wide variety of engaging courses every semester. Below is a list of graduate courses currently offered by the School of Statistics. Course descriptions in our ClassInfo database provide more in-depth information about courses, expectations, and workload to give you a realistic understanding about what you will experience in the course.

  • 8051 Advanced Regression Techniques: linear, nonlinear and nonparametric methods
  • 8052 Applied Statistical Methods 2: Design of Experiments and Mixed -Effects Modeling
  • 8053 Applied Statistical Methods 3: Multivariate Analysis and Advanced Regression
  • 8054 Statistical Methods 4: Advanced Statistical Computing
  • 8056 Statistical Learning and Data Mining
  • 8101 Theory of Statistics 1
  • 8102 Theory of Statistics 2
  • 8111 Mathematical Statistics I
  • 8112 Mathematical Statistics II
  • 8311 Linear Models
  • 8801 Statistical Consulting
  • 8913 Literature Seminar
  • 8932 Advanced Topics in Statistics