Alumnus Steve MacEachern Elected ISBA Fellow

Portrait of Steven MacEachern

Steve MacEachern has been elected as a Fellow of the International Society for Bayesian Analysis (ISBA), recognized for his “foundational contributions to Bayesian computation, Bayesian robustness, and Bayesian nonparametrics, in particular the original development of now widely used dependent nonparametric models, and for his dedicated service to ISBA and the Bayesian community.” 

MacEachern earned his PhD in 1988 from the School of Statistics, studying under his advisor, Donald Berry. He currently serves as professor and chair for the Department of Statistics at the Ohio State University. MacEachern is a current member of the University of Minnesota School of Statistics Advisory Board, and delivered the 2018 Seymour Geisser Distinguished Lecture, presenting “A Brief Tour of Bayesian Nonparametrics.” 

Congratulations, Steve!

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