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The Statistical Consulting Center provides statistical support to improve research in all areas at the University of Minnesota. You are not required to have any statistical background in order to collaborate with us. All you need is to be a University of Minnesota faculty, staff, or student. Otherwise, we are thrilled to work with you on any range of scientific and educational research projects. While we cannot assist with classwork or non-University projects, we can help you:

  • design experiments and surveys
  • select and perform appropriate analyses
  • interpret results
  • write about statistical methods and results

Common projects include:

  • grant proposals
  • journal articles
  • student theses
  • responses to reviewer comments

We listen to your scientific needs and work with you to translate them into statistical questions and find solutions that are reasonable and understandable. We have worked on thousands of projects with University researchers, including everything from questions that can be answered on the spot to in-depth research projects that take months or years of collaboration, and we look forward to working with you.

The Statistical Consulting Center is a fee-for-service organization within the School of Statistics.

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We only provide consultations made by appointment. Please fill out one of the forms on this page to let us know about your project and we will reach out to you to arrange a consultation.

Recognize Our Work

Please send copies of articles that recognize the Statistical Consulting Center to or by regular mail to Matt Dangel at 313 Ford Hall.

It is always appropriate to recognize the role of the Statistical Consulting Center in your research. This can range from a simple acknowledgement to co-authorship. Clients generally only consider co-authorship when one of our consultants has provided significant input to the final research product. We will not consider co-authorship as a substitute for funding our services. Clients who recognize our work through statements of acknowledgement often use the following:

“The Statistical Consulting Center at the University of Minnesota, and in particular [name the consultant], helped with the design and analysis of this experiment [or study or project].”