Q&A with Elise Eckert

Photo of Elise Eckert

Major: Political Science
Minor: Business Law
Year in school: Spring 2020 graduate

How did your classes change to accommodate distance learning and other needs? What worked well for you?

YouTube lectures or Zoom lectures! I preferred pre-recorded lectures because then I could watch and take notes on my own time. Zoom lectures were hard to pay attention to and made note-taking and information processing much more difficult.

What are some ways your instructors, advisors, peers, and/or others at the U have supported and encouraged you during this time?

[My professors] extended deadlines and relaxed grading, and everyone has been extremely understanding of these unique circumstances.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Completing an honors thesis and finishing a CLA undergraduate education during this time has been especially challenging. However, the support of my thesis committee members, Professors Jane Sumner and Timothy R. Johnson, have not gone unnoticed. Additionally, the honors program and political science program have been more than willing to help with whatever I needed virtually to ensure a successful graduation.

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