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Season Selection Committee

The Season Selection Committee is a group of faculty, students and staff that curates production seasons to enliven the intersections between the BA, MFA and MA/PhD programs of study. The 2020-21 committee members include:  Alexa Lewis, Ani Mosity, Chelsea Masteller Warren, Christine Swartout, Dave Michaeli, Jacob Badovski, Jason Allyn-Schwerin, John Patterson, Kimberly Lawler, Kyra Rahn, Lisa Channer, Rachel Brees, Sara Pillatzki-Warzeha, Sonja Kuftinec and Talvin Wilks.


This is an open call to all UMN Theatre Arts & Dance students, faculty and staff to submit proposals for the 2021-2022 MainStage Season. These submissions will primarily be considered for the 2 Departmental Theatre productions, collaborating amongst BA Theatre Arts, MFA Design & Technology, and MA/PhD. Submit your proposal here

We are primarily looking for submissions with a focus on: 
          A. Centering the Intersection of Marginalized Voices in our Community including: LBGTQIA+ & BIPOC
          B. Ability & Disability (including mental health issues) 
          C. Theatre that both entertains and invokes conversations
And submissions in the following artistic styles:   
          1. Comedy Styles  
          2. New Musical theatre 
          3. Global Scene
          4. Heightened Text
          5. Period Piece 
          6. Creative Collaborations that grow into a MainStage  

However, we welcome any submissions

Peer Advisors

Peer advisors are student voices and ears: they represent students to the faculty and vice versa. Selected through an application process, three peers represent each key area of the department as a whole—dance, BFA acting, and BA theater. Peers orient new students to the department, hold weekly office hours, attend faculty meetings, and communicate through the bi-weekly Backstage Pass newsletter and the peers Facebook page. Peers also develop and curate TADTalks around issues of interest to the student body and department and assist with all-departmental celebrations such as Frameworks, Winter Carnival, and Awards Day. 

The peers can be found in Room 81 in the Pit of Rarig Center, or emailed at

Student Dance Coalition

The Student Dance Coalition is a student run organization of dance majors, with the goal of creating student connections and empowering dance majors. This is done through events that are arranged to create and organize space for artistic collaboration. We also serve more broadly as representatives of the dance major student body, encouraging creative exchange on the University of Minnesota campus and communities beyond.

Email for additional information.

Open Stage

Open Stage is a University of Minnesota organization run by students, for students to promote new and innovative theatrical work. Students are encouraged to express their ideas, offer their interpretation of pre-existing work, and especially submit new projects. Open Stage works to provide as many opportunities for students as possible, whether it be as an actor, designer, director, technician, writer, and more.

For additional information, email Open Stage at, or like their facebook page for updates.

All students in our programs are highly encouraged to engage in depth with areas of study that interest them, even if we are not offering coursework in those areas. Students may select a faculty advisor, who will work with them to pursue their area of study while registering for course TH 3993 or TH 5993. For more information on this opportunity, please contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) Mathew Lefebvre at