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MA & PhD

The rhetoric and scientific & technical communication graduate degree programs are now in their third decade of preparing scholars for work as strong contributors to their disciplinary communities.

The MA and PhD programs offer students the opportunity to learn from world-class faculty while living in a community with a long history of innovation in the sciences, the arts, and digital media.

Master's in Rhetoric and Scientific & Technical Communication

The Master of Arts (MA) will prepare you for doctoral-level research through courses and seminars in research methods, rhetoric, writing studies, pedagogy, and technical communication, technology, and culture. Those are complemented with other courses in a specialty area as well as a supporting field of courses outside the department so that you complete your degree with a broad base of knowledge. The MA is a two year program.

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PhD in Rhetoric and Scientific & Technical Communication

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is a research degree that will prepare you for faculty positions in our core areas of rhetoric, writing studies, pedagogy, technical communication, technology and culture. Our core coursework leads to seminars and courses in your concentration, and is complemented with a supporting program of courses offered by other departments at the University of Minnesota related to your specialty area. The PhD is a five year program.

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