First-Year Writing

As part of the University of Minnesota's liberal education requirements, all University students are expected to complete the first-year writing requirement (WRIT 1301, WRIT 1401, or an equivalent) within the first two semesters of registration. The first-year writing requirement helps incoming students develop fundamental writing skills necessary in their university studies and in the wider world.

The primary purpose of first-year writing at the University of Minnesota is to help incoming students build on their skills and abilities to participate in writing as a knowledge-making practice. Students write in academic genres: essays, summaries, and research papers; and they learn the appropriate conventions and styles that make those forms convincing. In a workshop environment, students practice and study writing as a recursive process of critical thinking, analytical reading, and significant research, all leading to graceful written communication. Drawing on students' diverse skills, backgrounds, and experiences, instructors lead students to discern and participate in important civic and university-level conversations.