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We encourage students to think about the social, global, and digital influences of writing in the 21st century. We invite students to practice writing, to think critically about writing, and to explore various fields.

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Written communication, digital literacies, rhetorical theory, technology and culture, and information management? Our courses address theory and practice in areas such as editing, visual rhetoric, usability, literacy, writing technologies, public writing, business and technical writing, science writing, presentations, project management, and intercultural communication.


What can you do with a major in technical writing & communication?

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Technical communicators are found in many professions. A major in technical writing & communication will help you write and design information for business, technology, science, health, law, and more. Technical communication courses will help you build the high-demand skills in oral, written, visual, and digital communication that you need to succeed in today’s fast-growing technical communication field.


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