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Lauren Holly, Jason Tham, Antoni Grgurovic sitting at a desk with writing materials and glowing monitors

On Purpose: Portrait of Writing Studies

Writing is a fundamental human activity that is rhetorical, social, global, and technological. To write is to define the world around us and create knowledge with others. In the Department of Writing Studies, we examine ways that writing is applied in the world—how it is shaped rhetorically, how it reflects meaning, and how it generates action within and among communities. We examine writing studies as a discipline involving past, present, and future.
Portrait of Champoux and Wisz

A Story of Collaboration

Two individuals met as instructor and student but became research partners after a course in the technical writing and communication (TWC) program. Alexander Champoux and Eric Wisz had the opportunity to collaborate on research about rhetorical theory and creative writing for the Creative Writing Studies Organization (CWSO) issue.
Portrait of Kari Campeau.

Classroom and Community Collide

“Intercultural communication skills are increasingly important as technical writing becomes more global, and intercultural communication skills are often handled reductively or insufficiently in technical communication textbooks and course design,” says UMN instructor Kari Campeau. That’s why she actively includes diverse communities in her classroom.

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