BA in Ojibwe Language

Are you interested in making a life-changing contribution to the Ojibwe community in Minnesota? Do you see preserving an indigenous, endangered language as central to your life mission?

If yes, then the BA in Ojibwe language is ideal for you.

The goal of the Ojibwe language major is to prepare both heritage and non-heritage Ojibwe students to contribute to the cultural life of the state’s Ojibwe communities through the revitalization of the Ojibwe language.

As an Ojibwe language major, you will not only learn to speak, read, and write Ojibwe, but you will also learn leading-edge pedagogy that will empower you to teach the language to others. Your experience in our department will include immersive engagement and advocacy experiences in our community that will change your life. One of the single best ways to create positive change within our communities is to instill pride and celebrate cultural traditions like language at an early age.  

What distinguishes this program from any other is our use of academically rigorous grammatical instruction (supported by linguistic research) coupled with the use of immersion techniques inside the classroom. This method has proven to be a very powerful combination in helping our students reach a high level of proficiency in the Ojibwe language.

Majoring in the Ojibwe language program will prepare you to:​

  • be ready to fill an ever-growing need for immersion teacher positions;
  • begin bringing the Ojibwe language back into the home
  • graduate with a more sophisticated knowledge of the Ojibwe language in general;
  • increase your fluency under instructor supervision;
  • learn language immersion pedagogy;
  • increase both your Ojibwe language credentials and earning potential upon graduation.

Declare Your Major

Students considering a major or minor should schedule an appointment with Charissa Blue,, the American Indian studies department advisor.